[Arabic] Final Fantasy VI SNES Translation Released

Started by q8fft, February 06, 2018, 10:12:34 AM

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After 8 months, 9 days Finally Done!! Translation Final Fantasy III/VI for Snes into Arabic. hope you Enjoy it. feel free to feedback,


You need Lunar IPS to patch this game - http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/240/

Don't forget to Readme for more info...


Amazing. That is one tough language to translate to, given it is RTL. Congratulations!




Quote from: midget35 on February 06, 2018, 10:28:43 AM
Amazing. That is one tough language to translate to, given it is RTL. Congratulations!
Seeing from the screenshot the RTL is only handled partially, you can see that the text is aligned to the left, when it should be adjusted to the right.


Hello, my friend. I am living right now in Iran. My wife is Irani, she is native in both, Persian and Kurdish languages. I'd be interested to port FF6 to Persian language, teaming with a native speaker (if we got it, to Kurdish too, though that'd be a little more difficult, because it requires more letters and symbols and the dialect of this region lacks written tradition at all, it's not commonly written, and I guess much less people would tend to play and understand this, because depending on the country, they use either Latin or Arabic alphabet, without mentioning the many dialects that exist and the lack of a common standard model of language, a sort of Kurdish "fus-ha", like it happens with Arabic; but that's water from another tank).

Could you advice me with what method you have used for changing the writing direction, from right to left, and how do you difference the different variants of a same letter in either initial, middle, final or isolated position? How do you type all that into the game?

Thank you.


Man, I never posted at this forum before, but I must say: I love You!
Is there some other roms that you have translated?


Wow, simply beautiful, congrats man, i imagine the amount of work that you put in. Thanks.
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Beautiful work. Incredibly wholesome that our brothers and sisters around the world can experience this amazing game in its original form. Thank you for this generosity!