Castlevania III Total Conversion (NES) Hack: Aperture of Corruption

Started by Toffi, December 08, 2020, 11:20:05 PM

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No worries, Supergamerguy. The improved controls patch is currently compatible with AoC.

Thanks for the advice Alkali Man OG, does this look any better?


Quote from: Toffi on July 12, 2022, 11:15:07 PMNo worries, Supergamerguy. The improved controls patch is currently compatible with AoC.

Thanks, that's great to know!
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Toffi: can this game have an options menu so you can choose the patch control improvement and if possible save it so you don't have to choose it every time you play? that would be very good

Midnight Metronome

I think this hack should be made with the improved controls patch in mind. Playing any other way feels archaic. Gameplay is king.


How crazy to see this kind of projects at the time. Its beautiful. can you upload a gif showing the game a bit, please.  :thumbsup:




Welcome back to another round of AoC updates!
Starting off we've made some advancements to the color palette and upgraded sprites from 2 colors to 3.

This is mainly allows us to add a greater sense of vibrancy and detail to sprites that their older counterparts lacked. This also better separates them from the background and makes them a lot more visable.

In other news older stages are being redone to fit the higher quality stages we've been producing. Eventually many of these early stages will be further developed to add more detail and better stage design.

Hi Flavio:
A:That would require some heavy ASM work to put into the ROM. As you know were in need of programing assistance. Currently the patches put in place (such as stair jumping, droping items, and controlled jumps) are pre-installed until we can get someone with the skill to make an options menu.
B:PS1 Alucard was originally meant to use the original NES versions sprite table, however ultimately the idea was shelved due to the cancelation of Cadence of Agony, an 8-bit demake of SOTN that used CV3's engine. It is absolutely possible, however we would have to remove another pre-existing character in order to put new graphics in.

Have some gameplay GIF's for you Drax!

Alkali Man OG

God those additional moving gears and knight sprites

It's impressive how relatively frequent updates occur  :thumbsup:


Toffi thanks for your attention, I made improvements to Alucard's sprites, I understand that to add him you would have to remove an existing character, that would be cool because Alucard is a famous and stylish character, if you decide just say ok


This is looking even better with each new screenshot! It's so different from the base, it almost looks like a totally new Castlevania! Congrats :)