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Unnamed Pokemon Blue hack

Started by zacmario, October 20, 2019, 02:51:11 PM

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The aim of this hack is to keep most the original game, with enough changes to make it desirable to play through again. Like a second quest if you will.
So far utilizing prats poke red disassembly I've done the following.
1. Added 3 generation 8 starter Pokemon. With new stats and Pokédex entry's.
2. Added Dark,Steel,Fairy types.
3. Changed all gym leader battles, and Lance and rival battles.
4. All 150 Pokemon should be available to catch or in game trades.
5. Replaced useless moves with new more useful ones.

Things I've considered doing.
1. Adding more Pokemon. Or replacing some existing ones.
2. Regional variants.
3. Mega evolution.
4. Different gym leaders/elite 4 etc..
5. Replacing some trainers with new types.
6. Adding some fakemon.

I could add some screenshots, but of the changes so far are statistical and text, so you know there isn't alot to show off.
I will at some point add some screenshots of the new Dex entry's.

Most of the things I want to add depend on graphics, so if you're good at spriting these and want some credit let me know.

I was given permission to use a shinnoah sheet however it still lacks back sprites. Im hesitant to add these until I have those available too.