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Author Topic: Quick Reference Guide to Retro Metroidvania/Platform Adventure Games  (Read 373 times)


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Inspired by Jeremy Parish's site and YT series in early 2019, I started to document and create a resource for the earlier history of one of my fave genres. Each game entry lists defining features relating to the genre and links to more info in the form of playthroughs and reviews. On the site you have sorting by year, platform and generations (a WIP thing, might change). There's also a page on forerunners/precursors from the period before the first Metroid, and one on outlier games (games outside of but featuring some elements associated with the genre).

I consider the '80s and early '90s pages to be about 85% done so far and am currently working on the mid-late 90s pages. I'm not sure I'll cover the '00s and beyond, I might cut it off around the late '00s to keep it focused on the earlier history of the genre which is what I was interested in documenting in the first place. But we'll see what happens and I can always come back to it later on. The site itself should explain the rest, if it doesn't then let me know.
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