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Castlevania 2 Rev edition

Started by Revility, October 12, 2019, 06:19:50 PM

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Been working on and off on a revised edition of Castlevania 2.  Similar to the Zelda 2 one I did, this is mostly a sprite and text related hack.  There will be a few changes to the maps this time around.

What I have so far is replaced Simon's palette and sprite with a chronicles style look. There will be an alternative version similar to his standard cv2 outfit that I created long ago for CV bloodmoon.  So there will be 2 versions of the patch.

Sprites have been modified for most of the villagers.  Some enemies have been tweaked or replaced with their CV3 counterpart.  I still have bosses and a handful of enemies to update. 

Part of the goal is to connect the game more with CV3.  The story has been tweaked a bit in return.  Dracula's curse still remains on the land, similar to Curse of Darkness after the events of CV3.  In order to rid the curse, Simon must collect relics and weapons Trevor & his allies used to defeat Dracula.  Only then will he be able to enter Castlevania and summon Death for the final battle.  Drac's parts have replaced with objects such as Alucard's shield, Belnades staff, Trevor's cross, etc.  All text will be modified to reflect this change.

Map changes currently include showing the invisible stair case, closing some wall gaps in mansions, removing some head knocking ceilings, adding a free laurel merchant at the end of Denis Marsh.  The sprites for invisible and breakable floors are different than standard floors, so there is now visual cues for this.

Any feedback is welcome.




+Updated Simon sprite to chronicles style
+Updated simon's palette
+Updated or adjusted almost all villager sprites.
+Updated palettes for all villagers
+Fake blocks are now transparent
+breakable blocks now appear cracked.

+Dracula's rib is now Alucard's shield
+Dracula's ring is now Sypha's wedding ring
+Dracula's eye is now Belnades staff
+Dracula's nail is now Trevor's bracelet
+Dracula's heart is now Alucard's sword
+Magic Cross is now Trevor's cross
+dracula's knife now reffered to as Grant's knife
+Diamond now reffered to as Sypha's diamond
+Books are now referred to as Sypha's Diary.
+Sacred Flame referred to as Sypha's Flame
+Half heart changed to double heart?

Various fixes and adjustments to text from bad translations
fixed typos in text.
modified a few hints
updated text to refer to renamed items
updated text to refer to Death's riddle instead of Dracula.

+Eyeball now cv3 ghost
+Medusa cv3 style
+Merman cv3 style
+Forest bat cv3 style
+Zombie modified cv3 zombie
+Mummy cv3's Dhuron
+Skull cv3 style
+Tweaked skeleton's face
+Devils now man bats.
+Bone dragon updated to cv3
+Replaced double header with slogra
+Replaced fire guy with cv3 version
+Changed harpy face and tweaked arms.
+Inverted spider colors
+Outlined crows
+Inverted colors on hawks
+Some skeletons in mansion are now cv3 armored skeletons
+Freddie replaced by jawless cv3 zombie with dagger
+Replaced graveyard hands
+Replaced plant with pillar of bones
+Updated Mansion bats.  Easier to see.

+Updated Carmilla's mask sprite: she now rides on top similar to other Castlevania games.
+Changed Death to Orlox
+Started changing Dracula to Death

Bordia mountains: invisible stairs now seen
Bordia mountains: free laurel merchant replaces the skeleton at the end.
Flame whip gypsy moved to top of cave map
adjusted flame whip gypsy cave a little bit in return for the above.
Yubia Lake: removed single block
Denis woods: removed some poison marsh on lower path.
Denis Woods: removed head knocker parts of lower path.
Jova woods: removed head knockers on lower path
All Mansions: closed most gaps between ceilings and walls.
Many invisible blocks removed from mansions and replaced with background images
Minor visual tweaks to some mansion areas.
Moved a couple enemies in woods on ledges near water which were extremely hard to kill.
Rover Mansion: adjustments to layout to no allow skipping half the mansion.
Rover Mansion: Breakable floor near end for faster exiting of mansion.
Adjusted colors for all mansions.
Moved a few enemies on small platforms to remove cheap deaths.
removed some un needed pits, walls, etc from maps to encourage multiple routes and gameplay flow.


Sounds like an interesting concept. Will stay my eyes at any update from yours!
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replaced double head with mini Slogras  :)


Quote from: Revility on October 12, 2019, 06:19:50 PM

Why not just modify the sprite from CV3 into something else instead of a copy and paste over? Maybe a broken sword, loss of an arm, damaged skull, no jaw on the skull type of thing? :)
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I will probably tweak up the copy paste monsters little bit depending on the enemy. Some more than others. Freddie has been replaced with a modified cv3 zombie holding a dagger and missing his bottom jaw as an example.


What's up with the cracked blocks? Is that meant to denote a block which can be Holy Watered out of existence?


yes.  Fake blocks and holy water blocks all use separate sprites in the rom.  I could do something else to give a visual clue...  less or more.  Open to ideas.