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Balloon Fight - 4 players hack

Started by mishra, October 08, 2019, 03:04:36 PM

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I'm working at a hack of Balloon Fight (NES) for 3 and 4 players.
To have more personages on the screen, CHR ROM is redistributed to work with sprites 8x16 (instead 8x8 in original game).
Have already some results.


That looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to try it out!
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Great hack idea, I'm looking forward to this!  :thumbsup:

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cool as no one had thought of it before :thumbsup:


Will you do some graphic updates too?

There was a Mario themed hack and it does look pretty cool.


NiO, the graphics will be usual.


I'm all for this! The Battle City 4-Player patch, and now this! These will make some great games to play while having a few beers with the boys! :beer:


ver.1.0 is ready.
- The graphics was remastered for sprites 8x16 (instead of 8x8 in original game) to increase number of personages on the screen.
- Every player has his own lives and points.
- Two new bots were added. They have increased speed and have to be hit 3 times to pop they balloon. The other bots are usual.
- Every 50000 pts give a life.
- taking 20 balloons on bonus stage resurrects dead players.
- The speed of balloons on bonus stage increased twice if more than one players are alive.
- "Balloon trip" mode is also remastered for 4 players.


Grats! This looks like a super neat hack. Simple in concept but I imagine fairly hard to implement. Good job!