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Author Topic: Multiple hacks in one package.  (Read 851 times)


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Multiple hacks in one package.
« on: October 04, 2019, 11:42:34 am »
So. There's this hack I'm making called: Super Mario Bros. Object set B.

And, the hack has plans to not only feature new objects, but also new themes, characters, etc.

The thing is, all of them are individual patches, question is.

Can I release them all as the same package , or will each patch have to be individual?


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Re: Multiple hacks in one package.
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2019, 12:18:09 pm »
There are plenty of examples of hacks with optional extras, hack combinations such that things stack together and related options hack packages. Such things have been made in the form of patch collections, patching tools that build up a hack from options selected and patching tools that are glorified patchers with a premade selection of patches.
Unless you have a way of doing something that will work for the future then patch collections are the best option (we have seen plenty of 32 bit or 16 bit/dos only patchers, ones that want visualbasic of various flavours... and that is just windows -- if android and such are rising as the dominant platform then that is even harder), however if you have a nice UI in addition to all that to save the clueless from having to fumble with things then so much the better.

If you can make it all such that they work together aka stack, save for those that logically would not, then even better.

Give it a good title and good description such that someone searching for one aspect still potentially finds it and you are good -- even I have almost missed a few things over the years (usually things like bugfix collections for Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles but not always) that would have been a shame to miss out on as well as solving the problem I had at the time. If they are really unrelated patches (say an uncensoring patch with a music hack that for some reason changes it to play She'll be coming round the mountain despite no relevance of that song to the series or scene) then probably worth splitting but some kind of "whole new game" style hack should be OK.