Is it possible to convert .srm files to .bin?

Started by travel27, September 24, 2019, 02:59:43 PM

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Hi, as the topic states, is it possible to convert a .srm save file for the snes to .bin (Wii VC save game file)?  I am guessing it might be kind of hard, maybe not possible  Have not been able to find much via google.  Thanks.


Well, if you put an .srm and a .bin into a hex editor from the same game and compare them, you might find your answer. The save data should be identical on both, but it's possible one or both of them have some extra data like a header or something. It's quite possible that they're literally identical and you just have to rename the file.


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I've only ever bothered with converting Wii VC to emulator save files, but FE100 also offers the option to repack saves.
1) copy your Wii VC save to your computer.
2) unpack with FE100. <== (download link + setup instructions)
3) rename your .srm save file and replace 'savedata.bin'.
4) repack with FE100 and transfer save file back to Wii.