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Author Topic: Where to find the rom Zelda link to the past without header for the master quest  (Read 1608 times)


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Good morning to all classmates of the forum, I come here for help since I want to patch a rom of the Zelda Link to the past game to introduce the Master Quest patch, the problem is that after downloading more than fifty American roms I can't find the rom without a header indicated in the post of your own page, the CRC32 indicated in the image has not matched me in any, I have tested it with iHex which is mac, what can I do?


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1. ROM requests are not permitted.

2. That is the standard US SNES A Link to the Past ROM. How you can download the game 50 times and not get a proper unhacked, headerless ROM, is quite shocking. Every ROM site I have seen lately uses the No-Intro set which would identify only that version.
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