RE: Megaman X Legacy Collection (X4 kaiwa file)

Started by HorrorTroll, July 12, 2019, 10:08:05 AM

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I was trying to translation on Megaman X4, so i found kaiwa folder on:

  • PL00.arc (X - Japan version)
  • PL00_eng.arc (X - English version)
  • PL01.arc (Zero - Japan version)
  • PL01_eng.arc (Zero - English version)
  • PL02.arc (Ultimate X - Japan version)
  • PL02_eng.arc (Ultimate X - English version)

If u extract kaiwa folder inside PL00_eng.arc file, it will contain talk_x_eng.4A0DE37E. I don't know what that file extension type so i went to lookup on Hex Editor and it said that is DAT4 encryption file.

So anyone know about these file? And can it decryption?


Hello friend, I am also trying to translate the megaman x legacy collection and I got stuck in the * .arc files, could you help me ?, what program did you use to unzip these * .arc files, I hope you can give me a hand since I would like to translate all the games into Spanish.

As for the * .DAT4 files, I can't help you since I'm still new to romhacking. Excuse me and I promise you that as soon as I know some more things I will help you in what I can ...