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E3 2022 Cancelled...

Started by gamingcat02261991, March 31, 2022, 04:40:03 PM

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Bad news: E3 2022's been cancelled...  :'(


I don't think it's the worst news, honestly. We should still get Directs, State of Plays, etc. from major and minor game companies alike, so video game news will still keep on coming. They just won't be mired in the typical E3 commentary, advertising, and publicity events.
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Indeed, I hardly see the need to get hyped for the next piece of vaporware.

Remember a few years ago when they announced "this is going to be the last E3 ever" ?
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Disappointed. I liked having game news in a digestible format, all in one place.


Eh, E3 should've died long ago. Even smaller game companies can make a decent presentation/announcement on Youtube nowadays


Ah darn, no laughably bad Amico ad.

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ngl e3 kinda felt redundant when the big 3 console corps have their own news events...well it was fun when e3 lasted.


oh well, not the first time