ROM Hacks: GBATemp Legend II [GB] - Hack Public Release !!

Started by RHDNBot, September 02, 2019, 09:49:06 AM

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Update By: break

Hey family, here today with a hack of the old-Gameboy RPG "Final Fantasy Legend II".  This was one of the first games that got many seasoned gamers into role playing games.  This hack makes it safer to level up party members at the beginning of the game and also buffs guest party members.  Treasure chest have been update to give enough money and items to better tackle the game's bosses.  Most enemies have been adjusted to allow the monster-class to evolve into interesting party members.  Take your time or try for a personal best are free to enjoy this project at your leisure !

RHDN Project Page

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Hello everyone, I have really enjoyed the feedback I have received from this hack so far !
It appears I might have made it a bit too easy to speed run  ::)
Now that the hack is released, I plan on taking a break from it
And continue to listen and respond to the feedback it is receiving.
There are a few things I wanted...but were unable to do/figure out myself
Like editing the script, adding a custom logo on the title screen, and adding optional enemy encounters.
However, outside of those things, I am satisfied with the changes I have made to the game.
It is still amazing to hear that people beat this RPG under 3~4 hours   :thumbsup:
Again, thank you and I look forward to watching your gameplay videos !

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