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Author Topic: Demon's Crest Randomizer  (Read 1206 times)


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Demon's Crest Randomizer
« on: August 28, 2019, 07:25:50 pm »
Been doing some slow and tedious disassembly work recently, so figured I'd do a fun side project for some change of pace. Some peeps on the gargoyle's quest discord mused it would be interesting to make a randomizer for demon's crest - so i gave it a try!
It's currently working reasonably well. Items get randomized and i've taken care of most weird situations that arose. Still needs some tuning here and there.
There's still one big problem that's holding back a initial release, though. Sprites are pretty broken:

From doing some reading on RHDN, i think the sprite updates function similar to games like mmX2 & X3 (other capcom games, so no surprise there). It's updating the sprite data on stage load and screen transitions.
So for example, going to the area after the town will load a bottle and the hand talisman into vram during the fade out/in, and going to bosses will load in all crests but only use one of them. I guess you would have to replace those sprites to other items when running the randomizer. Or maybe you can somehow update the sprites just-in-time as they're revealed, and just cram the single needed sprite somewhere into vram/oam.

I've never done graphics hacking before, so i'm a bit at a loss here. Would definitely appreciate some suggestions on what to investigate or possible solutions!