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Author Topic: [Technical] Assistance with Dreamcast compression method for Sakura Wars Columns  (Read 710 times)


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I've been working on Dreamcast English translations lately and have already published two patches for obscure, yet meaningful-to-me titles ("Neon Genesis Evangelion - Typing Project E" and "Taxi 2 - The Game").  I'm currently working on an English translation of "Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2" (which I'm calling "Sakura Wars - Columns 2"). I am working with an awesome team, some of whom did the Japanese->English translation for the Saturn Sakura Wars patch.

While I'm currently able to inject English text into the script/LIPS-events wherever I need it, as well as modify your typical PVR/PVM textures, I have encountered a strange compression method that is keeping me from modifying (and thus translating) some very key images, such as the ones from the main menu.  I have tried the typical PRS decompression utilities out there (PuyoTools, prsdec, etc.) with no luck.

Me and the team are working diligently to give this script-heavy Sakura Wars puzzle game for Dreamcast the full translation/localization it deserves.  However, I'm starting to fear that I may never be able to have key assets like the main menu and certain title screens translated into English.

Below are links to two files where this compression is used.  The first is OPDEMOCG.Z2 and contains a collection of PVRs.

Next is TITLE.RQL, which contains a collection of PVMs (which themselves contain PVRs).

The compressed files themselves seem to start after the "TEN2" delimiter.  There are other files in this game that contain uncompressed text/images, and those use "TEND" as a delimiter.

If you're curious to see some of the early progress footage, below are two YouTube links.  Please keep in mind that these were captured on a low-end computer with poor emulation, so expect audio and video issues.

Thank you in advance to any and all people who take the time to read this post.
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