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Author Topic: [Technical] [GBA] Summon Night Swordcraft Story: Stone of beginnings  (Read 1435 times)


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As much as everyone from this place knows, this game has had a lot of different translation attempts and contributors throught the years since it was released in Japan. Fortunately for us, the wait did pay off and we can now do a lot of things that in the past were not possible! This list includes:

-> translate the script
-> game reading one character per byte (tons of space available!)
-> VWF (the font looks really good now!)

Still, there ARE some things that are still left to proudly announce that the work is really over (at least IMHO), and that's the reason I am here now.

The problems we are facing right now are:

1) The character limitation to the Main Character's name hasn't been updated. To change this exact point, we would need to change how it is stored in memory (adding more spaces). the character limit isn't related to the drawing VWF.

2) If you have played the game, you might have noticed it sometimes like to use "big words" in contrast to how the text normally appears on screen. Here's an example:

the game seem to have a limitation of just 8 "big characters" on screen at a time, which, as you might now, will hurt our english translation. The limitation of 8 characters is baked into the game code.  Even if you tried to disable the game code's handling of it, using 9 characters would overwrite RAM that's meant for other purposes and might make the game crash.

it's theoretically possible to increase the limit in the inserter itself but that alone won't change the game code. Also note that there are a limited number of OAM slots for sprites, and the game's code uses one single entry for each character, which could cause problems if the OAM slots run out.

A friend suggested me this idea that serves as a duct tape fix:

To my understanding, the current limitation is eight characters, each character is a sprite, and is 12x12 big generally
How about...
We prerender the select few sentences using the big font that won't fit, in such a way they fit 96 pixels (12 * 8 )
for the whole sentence
(could be made 16 technically, since that's the internal individual sprite width)
(so 128)
And then reserve clusters from the kanji font (each cluster being 8 characters) to host the translated sentence.
This technique is used a lot with SNES fan translations to minimize VWF slowdowns
The main issue with this is that the total number of available sentences will be very limited.

It would be wonderful if someone would help us implement this solution on the game.

I can only offer my support and a discord private server where we can discuss stuff. PM if you need more info!
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