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NBA Jam 2K20 PSone Mod

Started by ponlork, August 18, 2019, 05:11:10 AM

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Rock on.  Feel free to PM me if you'd like some help indexing assets.  I've extracted quite a few using RNC ProPackED, and I can view a fair amount of them using 8bpp linear or 15bpp settings in TileMolester (both mode 2/2-dimensional).  I can now edit the images as well, so long as I pad the files to get past a bug in 2-dimensional mode and then delete the padding before I recompress.

I've had some success with ProPackED, particularly thanks to Mattrizzle and DrMefistO.  Wondering what you did to fit your revised palettes into the portraits though; I did some test runs attempting to convert from 24bpp to 15bpp but didn't have much luck just yet.

Also wondering your process for inserting new sounds, if you wouldn't mind sharing?
I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Hey eskayelle; no mean to hijack your reply. But I wanted to cheer Demigod's work on.
I playtested the game and the improvements are showing. It's fun to get the new additions from release to release.

I was thinking that perhaps there's some hip hop acapella out there that quotes Snoop's name.
Also, don't forget, Bryant was in N64 hangtime, so maybe the head size is just right to still rip for this PS1 version ;).


Hi Eskayelle. i never used tilemolestor before, that name disturbs me lol i cant recall exactly what i did, i kinda have to be doing it to remember. its kinda like people who are good with directions. they can recall street names, tell people to turn here and it's between this street and that street but i'm terrible at directions. i can show someone the ay but i kinda have to be going there. some people are real good at recalling things like with retroarch and retropie settings too. if i stop using that for a week i'll have to re-learn everything. But all in due.

Hey ressurecta, i got your message and thanks for the files. I actually used the Android sound clips for my project, i forgot that Snoop Dogg as intended to be in the game. I might use the sound clip for Snoop.

And darn I was playing ver1.1 this past week and i'm a bit disappointed. I had made some last minute changes and i was so estatic to get the falling effect working without jumpshots not causing it that i think it affected some of the gameplay mechanics. like the CPU seem to jump with his back turned to the player often. i'll try to fix that in my next release and i'll be doing thorough playtesting next time before i put it out.

i've been working on my RPG Maker project these past few weeks, i made this cool Street Fighter II Ryu Hadoken animation:

Well i plan on getting started on NBA Jam again real soon.


This is amazing thank you for sharing. Even in it's current state I cant wait to get it on my arcade cabinet. Looking forward to following this thread.


Quote from: slickrickstyles on May 08, 2021, 03:02:07 AM
This is amazing thank you for sharing. Even in it's current state I cant wait to get it on my arcade cabinet. Looking forward to following this thread.

Hi slickrickstyles. thank you for the support. I recently added Chris Paul. going to work on adding another 8-10 players for the next release:

Chris Paul Playtest:

it's interesting to see Joel Embiid in the mobile version of NBA Jam On Fire. I thought the last update was in 2013 but Embiid was drafted in 2014.

Not sure who I'm going to add next. Maybe Dame Dolla and the 2021 All Star reserves


I decided to make my next release a Play off themed release where it'll feature a current player for each team in the 2021 NBA playoffs. I wanted to have it ready for the playoffs which starts today, but i didnt meet the deadline.

So far I've added Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Dnovan Mitchell, Julius Randle, Jayson Tatum, and Jimmy Butler. I just need to add Trae Young for the Atlanta Hawks and that's it. It's unfortunate that the Warriors lost yesterday because I haven't included the Memphis Grizzlies yet, and doing so i would have to insert at least 2-3 more players. If i have time I might add Desmond Bane in the Rookies team to represent for the Grizz. I'm aiming for a 5/25 release.

I also changed the Attributes font to resemble the Arcade version more


Great update, that's a near fully modern roster...


Ver1.2 is available now:

I wanted to make a trailer but since the Playoffs started already i figure i'll upload the patch first and do the promotional stuff afterward.

There's 8 new players. and in the past 4 days i added 6 players. that's the fastest i've ever worked lol

I also recorded some playtest footage last night:
each team match corresponds with the 2021 Playoff matchups.

and did yall know Duckstation added a Multitap feature earlier this year? I tested it on some random opponents on Parsec and it worked. i only got 3 players joining though

And i just noticed something, the halftime and postgame FMVs for the LA Clippers aren't working. It's like that in the original unmodded version too. The videos are in there but it probably wasn't configured properly. hopefully i can restore it in the future.

oh and i reworked the falling effects so the timing is more accurate during impact, and i set the hitbox collision back to default. so everything is working correctly now.


It's been a while, it's getting closer and closer on becoming a full line up.
Did you find ways in the game code on how to modify the teams so that it can fit the 2 expansion teams?

Keep it up. In a way, it's very nice to draw new people into a modern take. Perhaps MJ and Kobe should become hiddens instead?


at the moment i'm mainly focused on filling up the current teams with updated rosters, once all 27 teams are updated i'll start looking into the possibility of adding the expansion teams. I know i'm going to replace Seattle with OKC, then for the rookies i might change it to Memphis. And then for the All stars team i'll look to see if we can split it into two for Toronto and New Orleans.

Though i'm not confident i can do it. I might just make it 29 teams and omit the Pelicans. Or maybe i'll do like a Marvel vs Capcom type mashup where i combine both team logos into one and have it be two teams lol

as for Kobe and MJ, since the game still consist of mainly 90s players i figure i'll keep them in the current lineup for now, but yeah i'll most likely make them hidden or Expansion players down the line when i am near complete with the roster updates.

My next update will be a NBA Finals theme release where it'll update the East and Western final teams with a update roster. I was thinking of Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA playoffs for the Snes lol

right now i'm just trying to tweak the engine a bit. i was able to get the players to in-bound the ball faster just like in the arcade:

i think it was always meant to be fast but the game appears to check for a condition first before inbounding the ball. so that is most likely a bug that delay the pass.

i'm also trying to get the display names, turbo meter and giant ball indicator to display behind the Player and Court sprites but i really dont know what i'm doing. I managed to come kinda close but it crashes and has glitches:

i'll also like to re-work the sprite scaling where it'll have the players become bigger when they move to the foreground like in the arcade. that's something i'll do probably after this update.

and who knows, maybe after the NBA finals i'll start having fun with it like implementing fatalities lol

and i made a half ass trailer for ver1.2

my previous trailer took me a whole week, i would put more effort into it but its too time consuming


I tested some more and I noticed something about Beal; in some animations, he loses his headband. For example, during the head fake or the straight forward shot.
Meanwhile, I had been thinking that indeed most updated sound samples of the team already exist in the Android version and logo's too. So I assume that, other than having ASM issues to really add the expansion teams, it wouldn't be too hard to swap the teams out with a more modern logo.
Also, just a suggestion... But I noticed College Slam does of course feature other costume colors. Some of them seem useful for the current NBA teams and wouldn't be a big deal to swap out, in fact, provided you hand me the format example they should be in, I can actually help out a bit.


yeah i plan on re-touching a lot of player sprites in the future. my method is i gather a ton of photos of a player first from all different angles. Then for the selection process i organize the photos and put them in folders of the particular head angle.

So for Bradley Beal he sometimes wear a white headband or a blue one. Sometimes what i do is i use photoshop to swap the headbands to white, thats what i did for his front face angle. i used his official NBA profile image where he's wearing a blue headband, i just overlayed a white headband over it.

I probably just got lazy and didnt do that for that head angle lol however i'll probably just look for a different photo from that angle because it's probably hard to photoshop the white headband form that angle. of course i could probably just do some color editing stuff and make it white but im not very good at that department.

this is a old topic but im starting to think the alley oop feature in College Slam is in NBA Jam and was even in the Arcade version. My theory is that the developers probably weren't satisfied with how it worked so they disabled it. then for college slam they simply re-enabled it. someone should ask the Developers that if a Alley oop feature was ever intended for Jam.

i notice that the sound clips for 3 point attempts aren't called. like when tim yells, From downtown! from the 3pt line. From Long range. The sounds are in there, it's just not called for some reason. But you can produce the sound in epsxe if you press f4 to disable frame limiting before tipoff, it'll play the sounds at the beginning.

hopefully there's a way to restore those sounds as well. and this is just a subtle thing i noticed between the PSX and Saturn version, in the PS1 version, the players shadow and ball shadow have different colors. the ball shadow is darker. well in the Saturn version, the shadows for the ball and players are the same, so they would merge into each other rather than it appearing separate.

I also notice when you shove players into the crowd in the PSX version they will disappear behind the crowd layers. In the Saturn version, the players sprite dont disappear and will be overlayed on top of the crowd even in the baseline. people will still swear that the Saturn version is superior though

Another thing I notice is the NBA logo is missing in the beginning screen on the Saturn. And I don't recall ever seeing the Team Ladder intro in the Saturn ver either where the teams big 3 scroll up during the intro. I'm gonna have to re-check that


Quote from: ponlork on June 05, 2021, 10:41:48 PM
Another thing I notice is the NBA logo is missing in the beginning screen on the Saturn. And I don't recall ever seeing the Team Ladder intro in the Saturn ver either where the teams big 3 scroll up during the intro. I'm gonna have to re-check that

That's indeed what the Saturn is missing and PSX was missing the features menu which Saturn does have. It's a trade off.
The only thing that makes me feel slightly more comfortable with the Saturn version, is the A.I is way less annoying.

Of course I expected you to edit the headband. I mean, you can't always find the exact match, so stuff gets customly edited.

One thing I overviewed with Eskayelle is that Brooks Thompson, who is inside the Saturn Rookies lineups, does exist in the PSX version, he just did get added in the line up. I even edited a "Thompson" sound for it.

Anyhow, the alley oops which I mentioned earlier too, I'm also positive it was in there at some point. Also Dan Amrich explicitely points out on his bunnyears website that "yes, alley oops were in TE".
I have been getting feedback from Mark since I also wanted to figure some stuff out. Soon, I'll ask him about the alley oops cause imo he's not a person you just constantly pm.

Another great miss from arcade is "win the game". However, that system and similar quote exist for Slam....


is this the features menu you're referring to?

It's in the PSX ver, i modified it a bit with my own notes:

it shows up after the player showcase screen, and after the attract mode.

i've been testing NBA Jam TE so much i think im ready to enter a tournament and win lol speaking of which, im thinking about host a 4 player tournament on parsec with a cash prize. my idea is to have 8 teams square off in a playoffs tournament style bracket. And i'll be the referee overseeing the matches. it's just a idea. i was able to get 3 players connected on Parsec the other week and connection seem smooth. I might even be able to use a Rewind feature in case something goes screwy, and i have a memory address editor where i can penalize players for pausing during game, maybe first offense will give 20 points to the other team and 2nd offense will be a disqualification.

I dont know who Dan Amrich is but i'll look him up. I still think i performed a Alley Oop once in a game not too long ago, one of these days im gonna play it all day to try and re-produce it. What i remember doing was jumping for a rebound during my miss shot then hitting the shoot button to do a quick put back and my teammate jumped in for a dunk. maybe they disabled it for regular jumpshot alleyoops and forgot to remove it for the put back shot.

Yeah it would be nice to have the announcer call out the team who wins the game at the end of a matchup. i think they were limited on memory so they used it more for the on court calls and using the "Win the game" sound would require them to add both team names in the ram as well. They very well could have considering there's like 5 sound clips that are loaded in but were not used. They announced the team names at the beginning match up screen, then they immediately unloaded it for the gameinit thing.

i also had another idea for how to replicate the backboard glass effect if we ever get it back in. We could use the referee sprite. My idea is to use one of the referee sprites for the court graphics, and then simply disable that frame for the ref. i kinda did that for Sonya where i omitted one of the frames. anyway, just some ideas


That's great work, I never found that menu in my regular rotation. I even noticed a jam comparison on Youtube that also mentioned it not being in. It's amazing it still is.

I'm not at all aware on the technical side... But I know I sound like a broken record, but College Slam announced the teams at the matchup screen and also added the team wins. Perhaps JAMTE couldn't because they announced the players...?

I get what you mean with the referee frame sort of. Because the graphic needs to swap out a direct graphic on the resource. I didn't double check but perhaps there are unused stuff that could get the trade off.

Also the 2 pixel thing... I understand it better now. PSX and Saturn have identical player sized assets. But the PSX direct rendering cuts off the 2 pixels for some unknown reason.

Meanwhile, I sent Mark a pm about alley oops and the MJ tweet. Fingers crossed.


turns out the saturn ver does have the team ladder screen:

they must have just shuffled it around to have the features menu show up first. as for college slam, i took a peek in it a few months ago and i was amazed by how many CD tracks it had. i think it had somewhere around 40? i didnt even know a CD could hold that much.

i think those tracks were the commentary tracks, and maybe the band marching tracks. i haven't gone through them but that might explain why it sounds so much more clear, and it could also explain why it couldn't have any background music playing either.

Though im not sure of the technical side either but i think they could have gotten music playing if they use sony's XA format for it, though i'm not entirely sure if they can play both CDDA and XA tracks at the same time.

i'm surprised because i thought the PS1 lasers wouldn't be fast enough to seek the CD audio tracks for the commentary.

About the Sega Saturn, i remember watching a video about how difficult it was to develop for the Saturn and i remember them mentioning something about the audio channels or something. well u noticed how in the PS1 version the commentator can have two audio clips playing simultaneously? like he may yell, "To... malone, To stockton" etc. Well in the Saturn version, It doesn't say "to". it just says the name. So that's another limitation to note.

Since they needed sounds for the crowd cheers and in-game sounds, the saturn probably couldnt handle the two commentary audio clips playing simultaneously which is why u often only hear one sound bite and it may abruptly end to switch over to a new clip. But im no expert its just something i noticed

I'm sure there's a lot of unused sprites we could probably use, like the alley oop dunk animation, crowd layers that are not visible, the unused head sprite.

as for the 2px cutting off, i believe there's a way to restore that. hopefully i can figure it out in the future. wouldnt it be cool if we can resize the entire court and player graphics? i think the sprites are too "up close". it'll be neat if we can pan it out a little. I know we can resize the player sprites. I was even able to resize the referee sprite. that might be useful in the future when i want to add a Giant size character as the special guest referee


You ever think about tinkering around with the Saturn version after you've realized your vision on the PSX front?
I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Quote from: eskayelle on June 07, 2021, 08:07:18 PM
You ever think about tinkering around with the Saturn version after you've realized your vision on the PSX front?

it's something that i'm interested in but it's low on my priority. I'm not very familiar with it, and i hear saturn emulation isn't as accessible as the PSX. I'm more interested in messing with NBA Hangtime or College Slam, or maybe the N64, PC, Arcade and Snes ports.

speaking of hangtime, i tried to extract the sprites for the PS1 ver but was unable to. I got the on court sprites to show but not the player graphics. I'm thinking it uses some sort of unknown compression for the player's body and heads.

It's in the BIGLUMP.bin file and they're sanwiched between the "Gary Liddon BYC rules the world as caffeine boy" message which i assume was used for padding.

maybe i'll try to hit up Gary Liddon and ask him what the deal is with that lol i'm thinking about modding the Snes version of hangtime which looks very nice. im sadden it doesn't have sprite scaling which is weird because in the Custom character menu you can adjust the players height, but a player height of 5'3 will still look identical to a player who's 6'12 in the game. I was hoping it would have two separate sprites to represent tall and small players too. My idea is to have a all female mod of it.

how is snes modding? is editing graphics difficult on the snes? the PC ver looks promising too which btw, why do PC games seem so much easier to mod? I see so many PC mods for games like for Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Kof. but console games there's all these compression schemes, it's a pain just to figure out how to decompress archives. do they just make modding easier for PC games? i dont know much about it as im not a PC gamer


Quote from: ponlork on June 07, 2021, 09:00:59 PMi hear saturn emulation isn't as accessible as the PSX.

That actually keeps me away as well, since I'd like to be able to play any hacks I produce on multiple devices.  Plus, I didn't have a stake in that horse during the 32-bit era, so there's no nostalgia factor for me either.

Quotehow is snes modding? is editing graphics difficult on the snes?

Specific to T.E., all but around 30 portraits are uncompressed, as are the heads, so it provided a good inroads to making a hack.  These days, there's also plenty of documentation around the game, so you'd easily be able to pick it up and go.  With your handle on MIPS 3000 ASM, I'd imagine you'd figure out the equivalent 658c16 opcodes fairly easily as well, so you'd likely be able to mess around with the engine a fair bit.

I suspect Hangtime images are fully compressed to save on precious space, but I really haven't looked over the rom too much.  There could be a learning curve involved, given the lack of documentation, and you'd have to locate, analyze and reverse engineer the compression scheme to really get something going.

Admittedly, I struggle with the PSX disassemblies currently.  I don't have a handle on tracing through the various registers at this point, so messing with the engine (beyond some very simple cheat stuff and some basic file comparison and reverse engineering tactics) is beyond me.  But, the graphics hacking alone has been pretty enjoyable, once I got past the learning curve from the various tools (with a lot of guidance!).

Quotethe PC ver looks promising too which btw, why do PC games seem so much easier to mod? I see so many PC mods for games like for Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Kof. but console games there's all these compression schemes, it's a pain just to figure out how to decompress archives. do they just make modding easier for PC games? i dont know much about it as im not a PC gamer

I can't say I've messed around with PC game modding myself, but it does seem like there's a good community for it, depending on the game... I'd likely stick to roms, since I tend to center in around my favorite consoles or eras, and they provide the luxury of playing on various media through the magic of emulation.
I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Loving all the hard work you guys put out man, I've done a ton of playthroughs of the SNES hacks:

NBA Jam 2K21 - Tournament Edition SNES Playthrough with Shaq/Kobe Bryant (1080p/60fps)

NBA Jam 2K21 - Tournament Edition SNES Playthrough with The Flash/Johnny Cage (1080p/60fps)

(This one has gotten a ton of views, thanks for that man!!!)

NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod SNES Playthrough with ProStars (1080p/60fps):

I tried playing both PSX versions of the game but the difficulty gets to me ROFL, I'm not sure if there is a way to turn that down yet, however they both run fine!!  You guys should probably make separate patches for those that don't want the custom soundtrack, as you don't won't people to get copyright problems on Youtube when making videos!!

Speaking of console versions, have you guys tried hacking the Genesis/32x version??  Since in those versions have the music in-game while playing, while the SNES version of TE doesn't have music, or, if there is a way to change that and I don't know!!!

Anyways, thanks for everything guys!!  You guys sure do some awesome work, looking forward to the next versions of the game!! :D