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Author Topic: Which program can I use to replace sprites/tiles in a GBA rom? (specific game)  (Read 986 times)


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Hello! I'm new in rom editing hehe. I've been a long time searching for a tool that can replace sprites/tiles to GBA roms.

I want to edit sprites and tiles from Legacy of Goku saga (legacy of goku I, II and buu's fury). I tried some programs but without luck :(.

I'm also interested in translating text (dialog).

Please, someone knows which program can i use?? Thanks in advance  :)


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Try whit tilemolester or tile layer pro. Those are general image editor.

For text you will need romhacking skills, know how tables, text engine or pointers was used for this videogame.

Every game is a different world, with hard work and patiente you will be able to do what you want.

For now concentrate in edit the tiles and make it working.

Good luck.