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Author Topic: Where can I find the patch for the COLOR hack version of "TMNT: Big Apple 3 AM"?  (Read 1098 times)


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I'm looking for the game in this video:

The links here only have the color hack (which is not the 3 AM version of turtles, just Hyperstone Heist) or the 3 AM hack with the original colors. I'm looking for the 3 AM turtles game WITH the color hack, like the one played in the video link I posted.

If it is not here then obviously someone made it. How would I do this? Do I have to use 2 patches on The Hyperstone Heist rom? I tried doing that but the game did not play, only a red screen appeared.

Can someone help me? I'm dying to play this game with the updated colors! THANKS!


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Just for the red screen issue, did you use CheckSumFix (there's an app here on RHDN) after applying the patches?  Genesis hacks have to have their checksums fixed, or you get the red screen of death.
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