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Author Topic: [JPN Translators] [DC] Blue Submarine no.6 'Time & Tide'  (Read 741 times)


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[JPN Translators] [DC] Blue Submarine no.6 'Time & Tide'
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:33:44 am »
Hello everyone ;)

My name is Rolly from the SEGA-SKY portal.
Together with Rafagam, we are translating the Blue Submarine no6 'Time & Tide' for SEGA Dreamcast into English.
At the time of writing, most of the work was done, and the game scripts, gfx can be modified to display texts in English.
But, because of "sailor slang" and difficult hearing translation, we need help with translating some videos and short audio dialogues. No timeline required ;)

If anyone can help us - I have prepared ready to edit files and videos along with a timeline.

* Movies folder :

* Audio dialgos folder :

Project site : &

If anyone is interested, just hit me with a PM or edit files and leave a comment.
Any person who will be able to help us will be included in the credits (including in the game itself) ;)
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