NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament Edition [Beta and Final Released!]

Started by eskayelle, March 03, 2019, 03:16:54 PM

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Funny stuff.  So the beauty of NBA Jam TE is its configurability, particularly with the tools out there.  Let's do this.

Quotethis is b.s. Leonard is on clippers..... I know he got traded but f*ck....
Traded, no; perhaps signed his life away, so to speak, maybe.  But we can fix that.

Fix #1: Try the beta --
Upside: Kawhi's still on the Raptors, since the rosters are as of June.
Downside: You lose a fair bit of the free agency frenzy.

Fix #2: Let's just add Kawhi back to the Raptors.
According to my hacking document (the ol' Excel file on RHDN --, Kawhi's player value is #$15 (see 2k17 Player Portraits tab).  Remember that value and open the ROM in JCE3000GT's stats editor.  Use the Roster Editor function to change some player values within the Rookies team (which is the expansions/"Others" team in 2K20) to include player #$15 (Chuck Person in the original game; Kawhi in the mod).  Save and close, and you now have a hacked hack with Kawhi back!

(You can also do this via ASM or hex editing, but I'll keep this post from getting tl;dr...)

QuoteHey, can we talk about how the sprite for Sabonis looks less like him and more like Drake or Anthony Davis IRL?
QuoteAnd on the other hand, Drake/Davis don't look much like their in-game counterparts  :P
Artistic liberties based on some of the data at my disposal.  >:D  But you can take some liberties too.  Let's do that.

Jump into that ol' Excel document, Player Head Graphics tab.  It basically gives you a menu of the original in-game heads based on the relative pointers to them.  Yes, we can take 16 head graphic sprites, mess with each of them, and then repoint a player value to them, or we can pick the one we think may be reasonably closest.  Your call here, but I'll give some guidance on the easy route...

So, again, we have these relative pointers to a set of 16 head graphics.  Each player has an attribute assigned to its player value that assigns the set of heads based on that relative pointer.  There's an old forum thread on RHDN by Mattrizzle that covers this, but I also capture his logic in the ol' Excel file, so let's go there, since we downloaded the file off RHDN and have it handy.  A bunch of the logic is at the bottom of that Player Head Graphics tab, so -- after selecting the set of heads you like -- it's worth a read.

So, select the set of heads you like based on the relative pointer (e.g., #$B7C3 for that sweet Vlade Divac beard).  Now, you need to find the attributes for the player value whose head you want to change, find the specific two bytes where the head relative pointer is assigned, and change them.

Don't like Anthony Davis?  His player value, per that 2K17 Player Portraits tab of the ol' Excel, is #$12.  In column H, his stats start at pc address $1FBCDF (convert to an SNES LoROM address if you're going to write ASM).  Go there, and you'll see his stats in this order (you'll also see this order noted in the Player Data tab of the ol' Excel file):
1) Player value - #$0012 or byteswapped in the hex, using a hex editor, as #$12 #$00
2) Body Size
3) Speed
4) 3s
5) Dunk
6) Block
7) Steal
8 ) AI Level
9) Pass
10) Power
11) Clutch
12) Skin Color relative pointer
13) Head graphic pointer

Each of these attributes is two bytes.  Hit the head graphic pointer bytes and mess with them based on those options in the Player Head Graphics tab.  And... if you want to play with stats, you just found them too!  (But, these are just the game engine stats; the displayed stats are elsewhere in the ROM...)

Voila!  Don't like the artist's choices?  You've got everything at your disposal to put the choices back in your hands!    :thumbsup:
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Quote from: pleasejust on July 24, 2019, 11:42:17 PM
this is b.s. Leonard is on clippers..... I know he got traded but f*ck....

The rosters are accurate for 2019-2020, hence the 2K20 title! Also, from a gameplay perspective, this helps out a lot of the teams, as more of them feel more balanced. You won't go into a game feeling outmatched/overpowered, vs. say... 2K17 Overtime Edition where a team like the Warriors could potentially sweep everyone.

Thanks for being so thorough with your documentation, eskayelle, it really helps for newbs like me  :laugh:
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Since the romhack's upload is about two weeks in, I figured I'd release here some of the secret player initials and button presses, all of this straight from the readme in the Download section.  Hoping this might attract a few more readers toward trying the game.

::*****PLAYER CODES*****
::Hold Start and press Y when entering each initial for the following:
::Hakeem Olajuwon - " HO_ "
::David Robinson - " DR_ "
::Karl Malone - " KM_ "
::John Stockton - " JS_ "
::Dominique Wilkins - " DW_ "
::Larry Johnson - " LJ_ "
::Zion Williamson - " ZW_ "
::Scottie Pippen - " SP_ "
::John Starks - " J_S "
::Reggie Miller - " RM_ "
::Drake - " RAP "
::Jeremy Lin - " JL_ "
::Hulk Hogan - " HH_ "
::Patrick Ewing - " PE_ "
::Horace Grant - " HG_ "
::Dikembe Mutombo - " DM_ "
::Clyde Drexler - " CD_ "
::Dennis Rodman - " D_R "
::Nikola Mirotic - " NM_ "
::Larry Bird - " LB_ "
::Magic Johnson - " EJ_ "
::Michael Jordan - " MJ_ "
::Charles Barkley - " CB_ "
::Shaquille O'Neal - " SO_ "
::Vince Carter - " VC_ "
::Ray Allen - " RA_ "
::Yao Ming - " YM_ "
::Kobe Bryant - " KB_ "
::Kevin Garnett - " KG_ "
::Tim Duncan - " TD_ "
::phonymike - " PM_ "
::Bill Laimbeer - " BL_ "
::Benny the Bull - " BNY "
::NBA Jam Announcer Tim Kitzrow - " TK_ "
::The T-800 Terminator - " CPU "
::Bo Jackson - " BO_ "
::Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - " RCK "

::*****START MENU CODES*****
::At the title screen, open the start menu and press the following:
::(For expanded roster and to unlock All-Stars:)
::Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
::(For expanded roster but to keep the MEM/TOR/NOLA team:)
::B, A, B, A, Up, Down, B, A, Left, Right, B, A

::Team Swap (Does not work if using Rookies/Others or All-Stars):
::At the Substitution screen, hold Up and B for 3-5 seconds. 
::Team Swap will then flash on screen.
::Press Left or Right to cycle through teams.
::Tonight's Match-Up Screen Codes:
::Power-Up Dunks: Left, Right, A, B, B, A
::Power-Up Offense: A,B, Up, A, B, Up, Down
::Display Shot Percentages: Up, Up, Down, Down, B
::Power-Up 3-Pointers: Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down
::Power-Up Blocks: Down, Right, A, B, A, Right, Down
::Quick Hands: Left, Left, Left, Left, A, Right
::Power-Up Turbo: B, B, B, A, Down, Down, Up, Left
::Power-Up Goaltending: Right, Up, Down, Right, Down, Up
::Power-Up Fire: Down, Right, Right, B, A, Left
::Push Opponent and Both Fall: Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, A, A
::Push Opponent and Other Falls: Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, A, B
::Rainbow Shot: Down, Up, Down, Right, Up, A, A, A, A, Down
::Slippery Court: A, A, A, A, A, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right
::Speed Mode: Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, B, A
::Strong Mode: Right, Right, Left, Right, B, B, Right
::Teleport Pass: Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, A, Down, Left, Left, Right, B

I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Can't you already select Zion Williamson from the Others roster? Why did you include him as a cheat code?  :)
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Players may want to "draft" him for their favorite teams. 8)
I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Hey bro,

Long time follower loved all the work you did on all these different versions of NBA game I greatly appreciated it!!  I was just wondering if it's possible to have gameplay music inside the rom wyen playing a match like how the arcade version has!

I know the Genesis version of the game has music, so I don't know if you could take the arcade music and put that into the rom itself or how it works lol!!!

Again, thanks for all the work bro, greatly appreciated!!


Thanks for the support, dafamily!

My original Double Z Mod could use a review to help further spread the word, if you get a chance.  That one's my personal favorite, especially when a wild 3 gets you a "Hadoken!"

Man, sound's a doozy.  No track exists, so there'd need to be commands that hijack the code as a quarter starts, load the sound into the APU, and play it in a loop (header solves that part).

And maybe it could be done with an MSU-1 hack, for CD quality (I'd love to hear the old John Tesh NBA on NBC track, though it'd probably get old...), but there's limits to the emulators (or perhaps hardware) that'd play it.

That said, just going ASM, I'd love to either slip the SNES Hang Time music in or the Genesis TE tune.  It's waaaaay beyond my abilities though, so I'd need an expert in SNES sound encoding/APU/ASM to teach me.
I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Yeah I already did a playthrough of 2K17 in 1080p so that game is already set:

I'll do the Double Z one whenever I get the chance, as I'm currently playing NBA Hangtime Snes:

I wish someone would mod those games or the arcade versions, though the graphics component of those games are probably going to be a problem lol!!

Always thanks again bro, you deserve a rest lol!! ;D