Geki, Retsu, Lee, Joe and Mike.....100% at last!

Started by sil3nt_j, July 17, 2019, 04:05:11 PM

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Coming along great as usual!

Here's my critique:

Tripped/Falling animation - In the initial frame his right leg is up higher than his left leg is, but in the next frame his right leg is positioned lower and then is higher again in the 3rd frame. This might make for a jarring/silly look with his leg flicking up and down.
Suggestion: either lower the right leg in the first frame, or raise it in the second frame for a more consistent animation.

Smoke Bomb - The effect seems like its way too big is all.

Everything else is pretty much great.
In particular I have to call out the command for the vertical shuriken throw. I really like this combination of command and special move. It's pretty unique and I think it would make him feel very interesting to play as.

In the original game Geki also has triple shuriken moves. If you want to keep those moves more traditional they could have the same commands as the normal moves, but instead you have to press all 3 buttons and they should probably use medium speed.


Ok, I will have to test that tripping animation to see what I can do. I just have to see it moving.

Yeah, I didn't like how big the smoke bomb animation was either, but haven't found any other smoke sprites I could use. I was wanting to use Ibuki's, but couldn't find a sprite sheet of her. I also saw that Demitri has a fire animation that could be recolored.

Were the triple shurikens that Geki had in the original game just downward, or did he throw them horizontally too?

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I just looked at the getting knocked down animation, and I think I may just leave out the 2nd frame. Funny thing is, I added the first frame at the last minute for nostalgia, because that was from his first sprite sheet, just recolored.


The triple shuriken is both for the vertical version and the horizontal version.
I'm pretty sure that the horizontal one is 3 shuriken thrown one after the other.
Not sure how the vertical one is, let me check some play-throughs...
...OK! The vertical triple shuriken throws 3 in a very narrow spread from the middle angle.
Hope that helps!


Trying to figure out how to do the Shuriken throw move. For the jumping version, I was going to have it be thrown at different angles, depending on the button pressed, and maybe for the super have him throw 3. For the ground version, I was going to do the same thing.


He could just throw 3 of them for both the jumping and ground versions. Then, depending on the strength of the button, he could throw either 1 set of 3 (Light Version), 2 sets of 3 (Middle Version), or 3 sets of 3 (Heavy Version).


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And yeah, throwing them one right after the other could work too.


This is what I'm imagining would be his shuriken moves.

Shuriken Throw Ground:(B),F+P [LP fast, HP very fast]

Multi Shuriken Throw Ground: (B),F+PPP [3 consecutive shuriken, MP speed]

Shuriken Throw Air: (D),U+P [LP high angle, MP angle 45, HP low angle, all MP speed]

Multi Shuriken Throw Air: (D),U+PPP [Narrow spread of 3 shuriken, MP angle 45, MP speed]

Shuriken Barrage Ground: (B),F,B,F+PPP [3 consecutive narrow spreads of 3 shuriken each, 9 total, HP speed]

Shuriken Barrage Air: (DB),DF,DB,UF+PPP [3 Consecutive narrow spreads of 3 shuriken each, 9 total, MP angle, HP speed]

Just my two cents.


It's nice to see your works again man

I have seen your previous work

I hope to see your Haggar again it closes to alpha style than the others


Thanks Shakanetsu.


Looks great that teleport does work it feels alpha like




Love the new smoke graphics!
I did notice a tiny bit of inconsistency in the animation when he reaches for and throws down the kemuri dama.
It's the edges of his gi that are a bit out of wack.
After the first frame, the left side of his gi is drawn overlapping the right and I think it's supposed to be the other way in order to be consistent with the rest of his animations throughout the sheet.
Actually now that I had a quick glance, there are a couple of spots where his gi swaps overlaps.

Great work on this, tho! I;m drooling for that SFA style remake of SF1 now.

Once this dream comes true, I might seriously consider working on another idea I had for prequel to SF. ;)


Woo! Finally got all of the original sprites finished. All that's left are the crouching and jumping heavy punches, and the throw, and he is 100%. Tried to fix the gi as well, so that there is consistency:

(see below)

Idk if I will have time to make Retsu, but I would like to finish him. Just in case I'm not able to for some reason though, there was a gentleman named Lassard that actually made him. Even though I don't agree with all of the choices for the specials, I will say he looks very well done:


I like his wall climb do you intent him to have something similar to Strider Hiryu's wall climb n MVC2?


Mmm probably not. I just meant for it to be a way for him to bounce off the sides of the screen like Chun Li / Vega.


That's nice adding Jill throw it looks fit to him




Hi man @Silent_j I was hype with desk video about mvc2 super clashes so I rewatch evo fireball presentation.

I rememberes thag hsien ko is using a shuriken projectile.

You might be interested to it that it fits also the alpha style.


Hmm... I didn't know that.


Your Joe really looks good whatever pallette you throw in


Glad you liked. I finally finished the crouching heavy punch I was talking about.