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Enable a 9th world in SMB

Started by NesDraug, July 11, 2019, 01:38:44 PM

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So I made nine worlds in my SMB hack: "Mario's Keep" and people have been asking me how to achieve that. Well Mario´s keep just have 3 levels per world instead of the original 4, so I hid some levels after level 8-3. It was a mess really. Just trial and error but it worked.

Do you want to create a world 9?
This is probably a pretty backwards way of doing it. But I've created a patch that allows you to warp to a hidden ninth world I just created.

What I did:
SMB doesn't have very much space so in order to create a ninth world; something has to go. In this patch you'll get a hidden ninth world with one level for the cost of the letter "J" and the automated cut-scenes before underwater levels.

I used SMB Utility. So what I did is that i took all the redundant "transition levels" called 29H and made it level 9-1 by moving them way down the list in "sort areas".

Then I looked all over the entire game for redundant blocks, coins and enemies and moved them to room 29H. The game is pretty much the same. I mainly moved coins to my new ninth world. Then I had building material for this new level.

It's not that easy though. The game doesn't really allow you to have 9 worlds. So you can only get there by warping. I put a warp in the end of level 1-2. (Where the warps usually are, duh!).

Warp is set to 19 which goes to room 29H. The warp text was displaying the letter "J". So I had to transform the letter J into a 9 in Tile Molester. (The letter J is never used in the game anyways!)

So. If you like to create a new SMB hack with a hidden 9th world, you can use my patch and then edit level 9-1 in SMB Utility.

IMPORTANT: In order to edit level 9-1 you have to go to Tools—>Sort Areas, and transform your 9-1 level into 8-4 by moving it up the list. Then you can find it in Edit—>Choose room... Remember to sort it back to 9-1 when you're finished or else the original level 8-4 will disappear.

Download the patch:
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