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Author Topic: Rockman Unprecedented Weapons in vanilla Rockman 2 hack  (Read 777 times)


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Rockman Unprecedented Weapons in vanilla Rockman 2 hack
« on: July 07, 2019, 03:07:39 pm »
Dear friends,

I recently recovered an old e-mail account, and one of the things I found there is a WIP patch I made to add Rockman Unprecedented's music and weapons to vanilla Rockman 2. It is 100% completeable at the moment, but there are several bugs. I did the whole thing using only a Hex Editor, and all of the data I collected was lost because I neglected to save it in the cloud. I still have the patch, however, and I wonder if anyone could give me advice on finding the tools or data I might need to polish it. This is what I know needs to be done:

1) Sprites and attacks of Kaminari Goro, Petit Goblin, and Goblin are messed up.

2) The ending music that plays is not that used in UP's ending sequence. I remember that this gave me huge amounts of trouble when I tried to fix it before.

3) The bottom 2 capsules in Wily 5 have messed up graphics because of a mistake I made and saved when using Rock5Easily's editor.

4) Title screen is a ghoulish version of UP's and not the original.

That's really all that I think needs to be done. If anyone would be interested in taking a look at it or has any advice, I would very much appreciate it. (I'm not sure how to send the patch to interested viewers, so I'll wait until there's interest before putting it anywhere.)
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