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Author Topic: (Properly) Converting .MIB files found in PS2 .ISO file Audio/Music folders.  (Read 940 times)


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(For the record, I'm very new to here, a complete starter pack. And for the topic I'm typing here, I just wanna say I'm not at all promoting piracy in any way.)

I happen to have downloaded the .iso file for the game Manhunt, hoping I could try and extract some of the music files. After getting the Manhunt .iso, I opened it up with Winrar, then extracted the Audio file of the Manhunt .iso. Then I opened a folder named Manhunt, then opened another folder called AUDIO, which lead to a folder called PS2. I opened that up and found a folder called MUSIC, and that's where I found the soundtrack folders for (about) every level.

But the thing is, their all in some .MIB format. Could any of you please tell me how I could extract, or perhaps convert those .MIB files into a playable audio format?