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Author Topic: Blue Submarine no.6 'Time & Tide' [SEGA Dreamcast] English Translation  (Read 3217 times)


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Hello all ;)
Time to start a new translation project for SEGA Dreamcast ;)

We are currently translating to English Blue Submarine no.6 'Time & Tide' (青の6号) for the awesome SEGA Dreamcast console.
Blue Submarine No. 6: Tides of Time is an post-apocalyptic underwater-exploration game with rpg elements and not-linear adaventure. Developed by SEGA and released for the Dreamcast in 2000. The game follows the exploits of a deep-sea salvage crew as they recover treasure and anime side-story. The game includes FMV animation by Gonzo, a renowned Anime studio responsible for the original OVA and music perfomed by The Thrill. B6 game features characters from the anime like Tetsu Hayami or Verg (yay!).

Date of patch release : TBA   

* Project page :

*** Localization Team ***
Rolly - Project head, translation, implementation, hack, GFX
RafaGam - advanced translation, playtester

You want to help with the project, love the game or anime? Let us know on Twitter or Discord!
JP Translators are always welcome :)

Here is some stuff about game:

Game Trailer :
Anime Trailer :
Screenshots (WIP) :

*** Contact, info, links *** 

* My own SEGA-SKY Portal : / @ kontakt(at)
* Twitter :
* Discord (help, talk about project and.. what's next?)  :

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This is fantastic news!! I've always wanted to be able to play this. Keep up the good work!


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Great. I always wanted to play this game but the only thing that came with my copy of the DVD set was the cutscenes from this game with the subs. Here's to seeing the game playable to us all.


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Great news, looking forward to it.