Another line I need a fresh look on.

Started by aishsha, June 09, 2019, 12:59:42 PM

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The context is that all the people in a village suffered from a disaster except for this old man sitting in the street all the time. Thanks.


世捨て人 = hermit 
世捨て人同然の男 = man that is basically a hermit 
こんな世捨て人同然の男には希望も何にもない = "there's no hope for this man that is basically a hermit" 
って事かの = no context but im assuming the speaker is asking for confirmation about the above statement. 
"so you're saying this man that is basically a hermit has no hope hmmm" 




The context I have provided in my previous message. He most likely talks about himself. The provided translations are about the same as my and doen't make real sense...


Based on your context I think this can be a rhetorical question as well. Like: "Does this mean a seclusive man such as myself has no hope either?" EDIT: If that seems to be referencing an "it" to strongly, maybe just "Does a seclusive man such as myself have any hope either?"


Yeah, most likely, it's something like "Who could say a hermit like me had any chance?"

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Assuming that he is talking about himself,

"I'm no better than some recluse with no hopes or I?"