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Bugs Bunny Lost in Time psx (BZZ File)

Started by rubinho146, June 17, 2019, 03:44:07 PM

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I'm trying to translate the text of this game and it turns out that it is only possible by doing through a memory viewer/editor but there is no way to save it.
The memory viewer somehow decompress the text while loading the game through the an emulator, is there a way to decompress/compress a file so the translation can be possible through an hex editor or just to create a tool to get through the files?

The file seems to use LZSS compression and contains graphics, sounds, text, etc.



"is it possible to decompress"
Yes, by learning how to replicate the machine code which decompresses it in the game.

And recompressing it is to do the reverse of the function.

There is rarely tools to do compression unless it's a really popular games.
And especially with LZSS where the idea is the same but there's a billion different game-specific implementions of it.
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