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Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Uncut (German)

Started by ReX, October 10, 2010, 02:11:02 PM

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For us uncut patch see (& &

The German version of Link's Awakening wasn't censored like the US version, so it still was a "Bikini-Oberteil" (bikini top/pink bra) instead of a "Perlenkette" (necklace) and the japanese hippo model.
From Link's Awakening (LA) to Link's Awakening: DX (LA:DX) the German version got censored too.

General changes from LA to LA:DX:
LA:DX is in color, has a new color dungeon, the photo shop and photos are added and's censored.

Changes from LA to LA:DX (German version) more detailed:
1. The Bikini-Oberteil (LA) became a Perlenkette (LA:DX)
2. The hippo model im "Zoodorf" (Animal Village) got changed
3. "Steintafeln" (stone tables) like seen in the dungeons became "Eulenstatuen" (owl statues)
4. In the first dungeon there is a new Eulenstatue (telling you that you have to move something down in order to open the door)
5. When you get the "Zauberpulver" (magic powder) from the witch and use it without leaving the house right next to her, then there comes a new message (telling you that about the powder)
6. If you use the Zauberpulver to one kind of enemy (Zelda Dungeon calls them "Buzz Blob"), you can speak with them.
US, in LA & LA:DX the same:
*"Hey Mon!"
*"You know me, I like short names the best..."
*"It can display millions of polygons!"
*"I definitely need it, as soon as possible!"
German, LA:
*"Gib mir Deinen Saft, ich geb' Dir meinen..."
*"Irgendwelche Sorgen, Nöte oder Probleme?"
German, LA:DX:
*"Du bist komisch!" (= You're funny/strange!)
*"Wer unter Wasser sucht, wird manches finden!"
*"Kleine Teufel schenken Tragkraft..."
*"Hey! Hast du Geierwally schon besucht?"
7. If you use a enter a special name, you can hear a special music:
- US: (without an own song)
- G: MOYSE (by Claude M. Moyse - the translator)
- JP: TOTAKEKE (written Hiragana; by Kazumi Totaka; cf: )
The German music through MOYSE changed from LA to LA:DX. In LA:DX it is the same like in the JP version
8. I saw this inside the rom, but not inside the game:
DE-LA: "Glotz mich nicht so blöd an. Noch nie eine nackte Frau gesehen???"
DE-LA:DX: "Hau ab!"
US: "Leave me alone! I'm trying to sit still so Schule can paint my portrait!"
Inside the rom it's right before the text from the boss of the first dungeon.
'Cause of the "Schule" (that's the painter in animal village) in the us version, I was thinking that it should be the model, but never saw the text there.
9. "SHOP" was changed into "LADEN".
This can be seen right in the town were you start, but it's no censorship or such but a further translation.

Some pictures can be seen at
Though I think there's one error: "Dein Angelhaken ist nun eine Perlenkette, guter Tausch."
I think that should be this: "Aus dem (Angelhaken) wurde eine (Perlenkette)! So ein Glück!"

Changes inside the rom:

Now to the patch:
It's for the German version of Link's Awakening DX (~ Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (G) [C][!].gbc).
Included is an .ips patch made through Lunar IPS and an .ups patch made through NUPS.
Also inside are .sgm saves from VBA right before the changed parts (for swimming and the fishing hook you could use Gameshark codes).
4. BH&NP&PV&T changes back the Bikini-Oberteil (bikini top), the Nilpferd (hippo), the old texts using the powder and the Steintafeln (stone tables). 3. BH&NP&PV just changes back the Bikini-Oberteil, the Nilpferd and the powder texts, so the Eulenstatuen (owl statues) will still be inside.
Didn't knew about the checksum. BGB said it's wrong, though the game would run on GB anyway. So here, is a new one:

A few screens:

Some made for testing, not inside the patch:

Maybe a finishing question.
While diving next to the mermaid:
US uncut: Kyaa! Pervet! Pervert!"
German LA: "Hey, lass daß du Strolch!"
Does anybody else thinks that the us uncut is funnier and does anybody thinks that the powder texts should be changed so that they are neither pervert, nor helpful, but just senseless like in the us version?



Naja, gibt immer noch Dinge, die kontrovers sind, etwa:
1. Die Fotos: wenn man Pech hat, kann man das Spiel quasi durchspielen, aber hat trotzdem nicht alle Fotos bzw. muss man für ein Foto zum DIEB werden
2. Tempel haben noch weitere Änderungen (zB. zusätzliche Tafelhinweise und geänderte Truheninhalte)
3. Die Pulversprüche stellen keine Übersetzung dar (in beiden Fällen)

Da megaupload und multiupload tot sind:

There still are some controversial differences between LA and LA:DX, like
1. the pictures/photos: one can play through the game and technically complete it, but with some bad luck it will stay incomplete. Furthermore one has to become a "DIEB" (theft), ie. other people in the game will call one that way.
2. Dungeons are edited, e.g. added tipps and changed chests
3. The text of those enemies, those where one can use the powder and then talk to them, isn't translated from the Japanese - in both German versions. In LA it's kind of pervert/vulgar (but also funny), in LA:DX it contains tipps (making the game easier once again -.-).

'cause mu (mega- and multiupload) being dead:

Just btw: it's not perfect, but sometimes translation tools (like are good enough, so that one can understand some basics of texts in for oneself unknown languages. For single words also dictionaries (like can be useful.

@Zeemis: Thanks 8).

@I.S.T.: well,
1. one didn't expect that someone, who can't speak German, cares about the post (thus one used German like one guy before used a bit).
2. I have sometimes heard that my english isn't that good (though usually didn't really care...)


I think I'm going to have to ask if you could write English. Thank you.
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Quote from: Zeemis on April 08, 2012, 04:00:17 AM
Not everyone speaks English, mike.

Except they themselves spoke English earlier in the topic, Zeemis.
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So, there were reasons and I looked into LA again.
I guess, back then I didn't know about "Deppenleerzeichen" (spaces like in "Schiff Fahrt" instead of grammatically correct "Schifffahrt") and too often looked into incomplete sources (like schnittberichte and wikipedia).

So further difference:
* text when pickung up a "Herzteil" is changed (same for "Kompaß" (now it would be "Kompass") but should have been mentioned resp. imho better in LA:DX))
* there is at least one "Taltal" resp. "TalTal" change
* map and this owl thing changed places in the 2. dungeon [imho better in LA:DX as there is one useful information where owl is useful and that there are rooms in LA one doesn't have to visit]
* maybe more... [just beat the 2. dungeon in the German versions of LA and LA:DX]

'Somewhere' it also said that the bottle of the boss of the 2. dungeon usually has to be thrown 3 times (Japanese and english versions), but only 2 times in the German and french one (only checked this in the German version and it were 2 times). Well maybe somewhere in the rom there is a simple "02" instead of "03", but even if it would be so simple, it doesn't look simple to find it. [And in fact it wouldn't be a big difference as the enemy is easy]

Examples of Deppenleerzeichen:
"Windfisch Ei", "Taltal Gebirge" resp. "TalTal Erhöhung" etc. and much more. It either should be e.g. "Windfisch-Ei" or "Windfischei".
Replacing " " by "" or "-" doesn't need more space, thus it's actually pretty easy to change.

About names of a few persons:
* Struppi, engl. "BowWow", jap. "ワンワン"~"WanWan"~"WauWau" => in LA:DX(VC) maybe changed into "Komet", guess 'cause of "Tim & Struppi"
* Madame MiouMiou, engl. "Madam MeowMeow", jp. "マダムニゃンニゃン"~"Madamu/Madame NyanNyan" => Madame MiauMiau [cat's "meow" in German usually is "Miau" and not "Miou"]
* Geierwally, engl. "Cracy Tracy", jap. "きまぐれトレーシー" (Kimagure Torēshī, launische Tracy) [though no Kanji ingame - well, maybe a few special Kanji, but not used in her name) => no "Geierwally" reference in jap version. Tracy 1. wouldn't be German and thus unrealistic/strange and 2. "launische/verrückte Tracy" would use up more signs. In LA:DX(VC) it maybe is Trantrudi.
Thus "Struppi" maybe should become "WauWau", "MiouMiou" "MiauMiau" and "Geierwally" "Trantrudi" (or maybe something better, but no idea).

Don't know about other peoples' name, but e.g. "Marin" is okay.


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Examples of retardness of the German translator(s) [?]:
* Urunga Steppe (at least 1x also called Urunga-Steppe)
* Djinn Grotte (de.wp calls it "Dschinn" and doesn't mentioned "Djinn"; could be Genitiv, but shouldn't be)
* A und B Knöpfe (meant: A- und B-Knopf)
* Tante Emma Laden (de.wp has it as "Tante-Emma-Laden" 'cause that's how it is [maybe also compare "Vorname-Nachname-Str." and guess what "Vorname Nachname-Etwas" would mean - "Etwas" would be like a second family name which implies that "Vorname" married (retarded e.g. at Romantruhe "John Sinclair-Hörspiel" and "Perry Rhodan-Extra")]
* TalTal Erhöhung (LA)/Taltal Erhöhung (LA:DX), Taltal Gebirge
* Cocolint Steppe, Tamaranch Berg
* Windfisch Ei (means a "Windfisch" called "Ei")
* Hi Spielername ("Hallo, Spielername" shoule be more correct)
* "" (sometimes legit, but usually it's ,,")
For placed one should also compare with the few ones which were written together.

Somehow feels bad, not to have noticed that retardness earlier (guess one was too young and/or forgot about the rules of how to put names together).


Is someone able to reupload this?
uploadmirrors, mulitupload is down.
No other result in Google when I look for the filename. I always end up here.

Thank you very much!