[GBC] Star Ocean : Blue Sphere Spanish Translation [Released]

Started by 343, May 17, 2019, 12:16:39 AM

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This project started as a romhacking exercise, I began by analyzing what others had done and trying to do it in a raw way. which initially took a lot of time because it was made with hex editor.
Luckily MZ had worked in this game so when he shared his tools with me it was a big boost for this project.
between the highs and lows I have been able to translate the game completely, I still need to improve the translation from Japanese, improve the main dialogue and finish translating some graphics.

What has been done is:
-Create a new 4x8 font.
-Enable special characters in the font (ñ¡¿áéíóúü).
-Translate the text.
-Translate some graphics.
-Create a routine to enable more text tiles.


To do:
-Look for someone interested in correcting the grammar of the translated text.
-Finish the translation of the mini-game labels.
-A full beta test to look for Bugs that could freeze the game.

Special Thanks:
To Mz for doing all the romhacking and the tools.
To Psyklax for teaching me and helping me to enable the last text routine.
To Enix for release this game on GBC.


Oh this looks amazing, you've done a really good job! Sadly, I can't read Spanish at all myself. I'd love to experience this game in English someday myself but for now I'm just glad this game is getting attention at all. Good job!


Wow, I wasn't expecting something like this! I'm a native Spanish speaker, so I'm really hyped by this good news. Perhaps this Spanish translation could be used as a base to translate it into English? I've been waiting for an English translation for years, but the AGTP one is stalled for several years now.

I can both speak English and Spanish rather fluently (obviously, I'm more fluent in Spanish, but I can manage in both).


English translation team is a very serious team, they have translators, hackers and very skilled people, I dont think it is necessary to use this hack to get a patch in English. I have seen what they have done and is a very superior work.
starting with the fact the they have programmed  a VWF.

Just be patient that version will be released.

In any case what I have done has been for fun, so if I had to qualify this translation I would give a 7/10 because I still have work to do and much to learn, but at this point I think a feedback is necessary to give what the public wants.


¡Mil gracias por tu esfuerzo, 4l3j4ndr0!

Can't wait to play it!!! :woot!:

Even though I'm Costa Rican, I rather to play games on English (it has helped me through the years to improve my skills on that language).  But I'll surely do an exception for this one, especially as it's a hugely awaited to-be-translated game  :)


Oh I didn't even know that was being worked on by anyone in English. I remember seeing someone on here post about it a few years ago along with several of her other projects, but I thought that project had died. Do you have a link to the current project by chance? But either way, congrats on this one! From the screenshots it looks like you did a really good job on it :D




I've never been happier to be a native spanish speaker! thank you!