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Started by EntroperZero, May 14, 2019, 05:05:33 AM

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I started on this project over 3 years ago, but then FFR got popular, so I went all-in on that.  But lately I've had the itch to come back to this thing and flesh it out.

This is a map editor for FF4 for SNES, though I suppose it's really FF2US, version 1.1.

Originally, this was intended to be a companion to the excellent ff4kster tool, which edits nearly everything about FF4 except the World Maps.  In 2016, I had it editing the Overworld map, but recently I added support for editing the Underworld and Moon maps as well, and started on a bunch of nice features like undo/redo and flood fill.  It's coming along nicely, and there are several more features I intend to work on.  Please feel free to open a new issue there if something doesn't work.


Cool stuff.
With this addition to the arsenal we'll be a step closer to turning FF4 into an RPG maker of sorts.


That's the hope.  :)  I've already got a fairly complete idea in mind for a quest in the FF4 engine.