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Maternalbound Scripts

Started by redmagejoe, May 07, 2019, 01:31:51 PM

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So I recently decided to try my hand at making some modifications to the scripts of Maternalbound Rated M and Maternalbound Literal 1:1 Rated M, as there were some discrepancies in Maternalbound that I wasn't really 100% in agreement with. Like the line in Happy-Happy Village where "messages from the Devil rather than God" was left as the NOA "evil messages rather than good" in Maternalbound. I wanted to compare the two scripts and do some cherry-picking, but despite pulling my hair out for hours, I cannot get CoilSnake's Decompile Script to work. Some sort of issue with CCScriptWriter, with no apparent solution anywhere on Google, GitHub, etc.

Does anyone have the ability to extract the scripts from Maternalbound Rated M and Maternalbound Literal 1:1 Rated M? If so, I would love it if someone could provide an upload link so that I could work with these patches. Alternatively, if anyone can figure out what, if anything, I can do to fix the KeyError 110 I get from CCScriptWriter within CoilSnake. I have tried versions 3.33 and 3.01, and even had a friend on a completely different system try with the exact same results. Thanks in advance.


You can find the full sources of ALL optional patches in the very OP of the MaternalBound thread at PK Hack:

Specifically in this section:
QuoteOptional Patches:
These include 6 patches:
  • MaternalBound Omega – Rated M & MaternalBound Omega – Rated M + Run
        These pair of patches are the main MaternalBound hack with some of the offensive lines restored. (They're not that many offensive lines though, less than 5).
  • Mother 2 1:1 Literal & Mother 2 1:1 Literal + Run
        These patches include a literal 1:1 translation to keep it as close as possible with the original release of Mother 2. These include the Octopus/Kokeshi statues as well as the original spanking sound, and other japanese-only jokes.
  • Mother 2 1:1 Literal Rated M & Mother 2 1:1 Literal Rated M + Run
        Same as the last one, except this one restores some of the offensive lines omitted from the NOA localization.
Get the optional patches over here!
And their source files for CoilSnake from here!

The very last part with the "And their source files for CoilSnake from here!" redirects to a Bwass link with a .rar containing all of the source code/files for the CoilSnake projects of each optional patch.

The direct link is this one:

You can get them all from there.
Also, please check the GitHub issue you posted in the CoilSnake repository, I explained why CoilSnake can't decompile already compiled ROMs made with it.


Damn Shadow1, you're fast. I must have glossed over that. I assume the scripts will be in the source for the patches. Thanks for the fast reply!

While you're here, would you be averse (in case there's more than a few instances) to a fork? I'm essentially trying to create a version, even if only for my personal use, that's as loyal as possible to the original Japanese version, yet still has some of the cultural accommodations of the NOA version (like Runaway Brothers, Pencil and Eraser statues), so that the script is as explicit as originally intended. I found that the literal 1:1 version has a few dialogue box bugs (such as talking to the fellow in the Summers restaurant who comments about you going into someone's house and digging through their drawers), which was the deciding factor for me to not just go with that version when I was already on the fence.

Also thanks again for your MOTHER 25th Faithful, really inspired my first proper MOTHER hack alongside DragonDePlatino. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Also, I don't suppose you'd be willing to release that finally-working title screen for MOTHER 2 as a separate patch, would you?

May 07, 2019, 04:36:59 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

So now that I've got the source, and I've made the desired changes to the decompiled assets and script... Where do I go from here? I'm assuming that the issue with CoilSnake's decompiling of its own created ROMs extends to recompiling? Or would I be able to take the source files I have which came from a decompiled Maternalbound ROM and safely reapply them to a clean Earthbound ROM? Thanks in advance for the advice and bearing with me.

The method I'm trying now is simply decompiling a clean EB ROM with CoilSnake and migrating the changes I've made as well as any Maternalbound changes over. This involved some graphics like BG sprites and SpriteGroups, TileSets, the status quo MOTHER 2 TitleScreen assets, as well as moving the scripts over, but I seem to have achieved a working ROM. The problem remains the title screen... Which ShadowOne333 holds the secrets to based on his featurette. :-\

Hopefully I don't forget anything else.


For all intends and purposes, go for it.
It's the main reason why I released the sources for all the MaternalBound patches after all, so that people can make their own custom builds depending on what they see fit to their liking.

All that you need is just a project folder, doesn't matter from which hack.
You can use a clean EB dump and then start copying things over from the hack you want, like you did.
You can also use one of the Optional patches as the main project folder and simply compile it to get the full patched ROM, and then copy stuff over to it. You can do it however you want, as long as you have the desired result.

Just be careful with the script files.
Newer clean EarthBound ccscript dumps have different files from the older ones that MaternalBound used long ago, so you might want to replace the entire script folder with that of MaternalBound instead of a clean EB one.

As for the fixed title screen, just be patient, I am planning on releasing MaternalBound Redux real soon, and with that I'll also release the whole source files, fixed title screen included.


I will wait with bated breath, Shadow. Thanks for your replies. :thumbsup:


For sure!
I hope it won't be long now, if all goes well I hope for a release within this month.