Trying to find old Artwork of old famicom game..

Started by Arcade-Elite, August 12, 2020, 01:12:11 AM

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Hi everyone, was trying to see if anyone knows any site, or has old pic's or can draw ect. For an old famicom game called Cobra Mission. I am porting it my self and cant find any ad or artwork or box art for it. I did find a small pic of the cart but its beat up and not a big enough zize. Its just a personal project i am doing, trying to make the label for the nes port.Here is the only pic i could find.

I Could use any help, thanks for looking.  :thumbsup


I also left a reply in the Gaming discussion thread as well.
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Cobra Mission and Mission Cobra are two separate games. Cobra Mission is a Zapper game while Mission Cobra is a shoot 'em up.