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Shounen Ninja Sasuke Translation Hack

Started by Reld, April 28, 2019, 11:28:29 PM

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I've been taking a look at the good work that's being done here. I'm going to work on a box art for it.


My fault I forgot all about the boxart. Sometimes life catches up with you. I see someone did one over on launchbox. Its pretty good too. Mine is finished now I just need to know how to post it.


Quote from: Reld on September 06, 2020, 11:13:39 AM
I'll pick it up again eventually, but I'm not working on it right now. I kinda set it aside because I never found a translator. I've had that problem a couple of times now. I'll probably end up brute-forcing my way through the translation part on my own at some point.

I was aware of that French translation. I shared my graphics compression tools with them. Not sure how far along they got with it. I think he said the font is from Yoshi's Island.

I know it's been a few years but if you are still in need of a translator, I may have someone who could be of help. Let me know if you are interested!


I would love to play thru what you have so far! plz and ty