ROM Hacks: Super Mario Land gets a full colorization!

Started by RHDNBot, April 27, 2019, 08:05:55 AM

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Update By: thepatrickinator

Happy 30th Anniversary, Princess Daisy!

Super Mario Land gets a full colorization hack by toruzz called Super Mario Land DX which changes the original Super Mario Land into a Game Boy Color game. Celebrating Daisy's 30th Anniversary of her gaming career on Easter Sunday in 2019, a colorized remake of Super Mario Land was made to celebrate the occasion.

The full colorization of this game remakes the 8-bit original with updated graphics for enemies and characters to resemble the modern Mario games.

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It's gorgeous! I think SML was the third game I played when I first had the gameboy at around the age of 12 or 13. Since then I've replayed it several times, but cannot wait to do it again with this brand new make-over. Superb work!


Hey folks! I put together a DS-case-sized cover for this game from the original art as well as some label art in case you wanted to make your own cartridge of the romhack.



Shade Aurion

Amazing work by Toruzz (as usual) I wrote a review and my Let's Play is available here for those that want to check it out <3


Any chance to put Luigi as a playable character in a next update?


Absolutely lovely, great commemoration of a great game.

Good stuff mate, thank you for your work.


Wow spectacular. Finally it has happened! I've tried to fix the physics in the past but was not successful, if you have any info can you pass it on?

Josephine Lithius

Welp.  This hack just got a bit more attention.

Vinny from Vinesauce played this at midnight, today.  I didn't stick around, but I know Toruzz was there, so that's pretty cool.

Grats, Toruzz!  And, thank you for remastering a classic, overlooked game.


Thanks for your kind words, guys. I hope you enjoy it!


Now this is something I was expecting for a long time, right after your SML2DX work. This is awesome! Thanks, man!

Quote from: Domino089 on April 27, 2019, 11:17:58 PM
Any chance to put Luigi as a playable character in a next update?

I second this, since most of the Mario Fanbase are boarding the Luigi x Daisy Ship. That and I prefer to play as Luigi rather than Mario (yes, personal preference).


As a kid, I always thought those hopping enemies in the Chai Kingdom were deranged ninja girls, for whatever reason. Love how this hack better establishes them as zombies.

John Enigma

I hope this hack gets the SML2 DX treatment as well, as in, it let us play as Luigi, replace the Heart 1up with a 1up Mushroom,and changes Mario's outfit color whenever he gets a "Fire" flower.

This hack is a long time coming.


Awesome work as always by Toruzz. If this develops further and requires extensive coding (for instance, if Toruzz decides to respond to those seeking a playable Luigi), I would like to see this built on the v1.1 ROM rather than v1.0. Adding my input/suggestions to the relevant Personal Projects thread, which I urge others to do as well.


Wow! I didn't see this coming.

This is incredible! It just shows that even if there isn't any evidence of an awesome project going on. It doesn't mean it isn't in the works.

Awesome Job!  :thumbsup:


Fantastic work - thanks Toruzz!

The backgrounds are practically flawless, as they are very true to the minimalism of the original and yet manage to be a slightly different interpretation (the two shades of color on the pyramids is a brilliant solution for example).

The newly drawn sprites keep things fresh and are very well done. However, Mario feels a bit too big now, as do some of the enemies (the zombie-types) and it makes me wish it was just the classic sprites instead (colored, of course). It's a minor complaint, though, given how excellent this hack is overall. I really enjoyed it!


Quote from: John Enigma on April 29, 2019, 01:04:13 PM
I hope this hack gets the SML2 DX treatment ... changes Mario's outfit color whenever he gets a "Fire" flower.

I'm sure someone has answered this elsewhere, but it's not the Fire Flower. Mario shoots a rubber ball. It's a whole different power-up.


In SML Mario is getting the "Superball" feature when collecting the Flower.
I have checked the english SML manual regarding the Superball Flower. There the flower
is actually red and not just green like in the hack right now. Maybe this could be changed.

Since SML was a monocrome game, there was never a different color for Superball Mario.
Also in the manual Mario is just B/W. Changing colors of Mario for this mode would be cool.
I would just turn the colors of the cloth. What is now red becomes blue and what is blue gets red.
Maybe the Superball itself can also get a friendlier color than just black.

What I was not aware of so far is that according to the manual,
Mario is loosing the Super Ball feature after a fixed amaount of time.
Is that true? I know the game since it was released on the GB but
I never saw that the ball is going away after some time. Interesting :D

The pyramid music theme of Lv. 1-3 seems to be used also in other levels.
That is a little boring and not fitting. Maybe a new BG music can be made and added?

Having Luigi like in the SML2 Hack would be cool but I guess that is a bigger modification.

In the Title Screen somehow I feel the words "Super Mario Land" should be in red insted of blue.
It is also red on the manual. The blue is to unusual for this title.


I think the logo being blue is taken from the japanese logo of the game:

But it does clash with the logo from the boxart.
Although, I do have to say, such tone of blue is quite an interesting choice.
I was kind of expecting the letters to have different colours, ala Super Mario World:

But hey, it doesn't look bad at all :)

Also, Mario's powerup in this game is officially called "Superball Mario", and his official artwork is depicted here:

If I may, I might suggest perhaps giving Mario a more lighter tone of colour, like orange instead of red and a lighter blue for his pants? That could help differentiate his normal sprite from the Superball Mario one.
I found this which is a hack mockup of Superball Mario in Super Mario World:

I haven't played the hack yet, I'm just pointing out facts I have found :P
Here's where I found most of the artwork for it:

Oh and the Superball Flowers are not red, but it has blue petals and a green trunk:


i dont really mind the heart staying, 1-ups arent supposed to fall through the ground

and, i am 100% happy with the hack, but a few things i would like,

1. Mario physics to be less sloppy
2. Mario's sprite to be a little smaller to match his hitbox
yes i realized these ARE in the original, as well
3. replace the annoying hard to use superball with regular fire flowers (and change Mario's color accordingly?)

maybe a "vanilla hack" without changes to the sprites?

idk, Luigi mode and all this stuff seems superfluous really anyway, everyone knows it is 100x better than before