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Author Topic: Azure Dreams Playstation Unrandomizer (Theory crafting)  (Read 1010 times)


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Azure Dreams Playstation Unrandomizer (Theory crafting)
« on: April 21, 2019, 09:56:05 pm »
Hi Guys ! I am new here and some of my community members has told me to come to you guys regarding the question I have, and so here I am. :D

I am the community Manager for the Azure Dreams Speedrunning community for the PSX version. We are at the end of our first tournament and it was a blast. one thing we have come to accept is that our game "cannot" be seeded. as far as we know the game changes its RNG value that is used to generate the next floor of the tower on every frame. so unless both players take the exact same amount of frames for the whole run, (good luck with that XD) they end up playing a different tower.

What I want to do for them is trying to get an "Unrandomizer" made. to somehow see if it could be possible to make the game check for 1 or many static values instead of an ever changing one so that both players could face each others in the same tower. to really know who is the best XD

My knowledge of coding is zero, the only knowledge I have is from hunting and watching glitches for speedrunning reason, I have a few dabblers in my community but I think we have come quickly to an end of our respective limitations. So I ask. do you think it can be done ? do you know how it could be done ? and to the most motivated of you : do you want to create what will be one of the biggest "unrandomizer" of 2019 ?

That's what I want to do for our community. but for that, I must humbly ask for your help guys ^^