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Fire Emblem TSS Hack *INCOMPLETE* testing

Started by Gultykappa, April 11, 2019, 06:33:02 PM

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So, I've a hack in the workings called Fire Emblem: Flames of Freedom. I need people to play and give feedback on it. That's about it.



I like seeing Fire Emblem hacks around, so I decided to give this one a play. I decided to take note of anything I felt was unusual or lacking.


Introduction and Ch0:
Health and Safety screen intact
Title screen looks ugly: remove the "The" instead of abbreviating "Freedom"
Crudely edited difficulty selection
Don't advertise Book 1 and Book 2 if they aren't Book 1 and Book 2 but Normal and Hard
FE8 Sacred Stones intro not skipped
Title cards severely glitched, crudely drawn instead of using the text title card hack
Portraits just palette swaps: I'm assuming they're placeholders
Dialogue throughout needs to be proofread
FE8 essentials patch not installed, many quality of life hacks (eg: Danger Zone) absent
Tactician class name spelt incorrectly
Growth rates appear to be unchanged
Green appears out of nowhere
Top house gives actual rewards, bottom house cannot be visited: ideally all houses should be visitable, but without any reward given
Lord learned Canto+ despite being on foot
Prologue generally unremarkable: units can easily defeat bandits including boss without any issues
Civilian dialogue text skips before he's killed by boss
Skipping cutscene means he lives with 0 HP
Boss palette strange
Enemies do not have descriptions
Some also lack proper minimugs
Multiple villages give unrecruitable generic green units: I see the idea, but it comes off as strange there's no lasting reward
One village gives a gem, another gives direct money, be more consistent
Inn near boss does absolutely nothing and can't be visited
Boss quote is just Zonta's battle quote from vanilla
Boss has an elixir that he can spam if rapier is not bought
Summary: Large unnecessarly large map with barely any enemies to fight
Most villages are pointless, boss unthreatening
Can just charge up the middle without any consequences
Even without recruiting the thief, the chapter is still reached
Other units disappear, forcing a duel against the boss
Except they don't really disappear and can be seen in the unit menu
Boss weapon has large critical hit chance with no way to mitigate the risk
Boss weak to rapier despite not being mounted
Can talk to boss, but it has no effect
Killing the boss requires the turn to end before the chapter completes
Ending dialogue unchanged from FE8
Title card returns to prologue, Hayden scene plays
Hayden scene means extra money
Hack ends at this point: put in a proper end of demo message

In general, the hack was quite short and not very difficult. Unit positioning is a complete non-factor and your units face no threat at all from the enemies until the final boss is reached. Two of the three bosses, including the final one, can be cheesed with a rapier purchase in the prologue armoury, and there is no point in using any other weapon. I'll give you credit for including a custom animation for the Chapter 1x boss, though I have to ask one question. Did you make it, or did somebody else make it?

Anyway, good luck with the hack. It's a bumpy road to start out on, but with time, the hack will improve.