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Super Toads (SMB3 Hack Using SMM2 GFX)

Started by gamingcat02261991, December 18, 2019, 09:11:56 PM

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Plot: Set in an alternate universe where Mario and Luigi are completely absent, Blue and Yellow Toad must revert the cursed Mushroom Kings back to normal and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

Made using YY-CHR and SMB3 Color Editor. This hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 also fixes some oversights like the "Toad Suit" and inverts the colors of the caps of the Super Mushroom and 1-Up Mushroom to the way they looked starting from Super Mario World onwards, as well as changing Peach's dialog to match the Japanese versions and SMA4. So far, I've got Small Toad at least 10% finished (lifted from Super Mario Maker 2's sprites), and I'm currently working on it, Super Toad/Fire Toad and Raccoon Toad. Tanooki Toad, Frog Toad, and Hammer Toad will be custom-made, mostly based on the Super/Fire form from SMM2. Screenshots will come eventually.


Sounds cool, can't wait to see the pics when they get released. :D 


It'll be a long while before I start working on it. Gotta tackle some other projects, first.