ROM Hacks: Pokemon Perfect Crystal has received a number of updates lately!

Started by RHDNBot, March 23, 2019, 02:13:54 AM

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Update By: SuperEgz

Over the past month, Pokemon Perfect Crystal, the hack that has been made to be an idealized definitive version of Pokemon Crystal that has every Pokemon available to catch and to fix a number of glaring glitches has received a number of updates!

These updates include:

Update (18/02/2019):
-Moved the 3 legendary birds to more logical locations around Johto and Kanto.

Update (24/02/2019):
-Fixed a bunch more glitches such as the Magikarp length bug, Light Ball bug and the Belly Drum glitch.

Update (01/03/2019):
-Adjusted the levels of the 3 legendary birds to have a more appropriate move set when you encounter them.
-Made all but one of the unobtainable decorations unlock upon defeating the Elite 4.
-Made the Gold Trophy unlock upon defeating Red.

Update (21/03/2019):
-Cleaned up the entrance to Cerulean Cave by extending the ledge on Route 4 over the water. This avoids a bug where your sprite disappears when you start surfing off the ledge.
-Cleaned up the added dialogue by replacing instances of ". . ." with "..." to match the rest of the game.

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One thing that would make this hack absolutely %100 is if it spaced out the special items more, instead of clumping them all into 1 shop. Just my opinion.


I'm sorry if i'm bothering you. but I would just like to ask if this ROM hack is compatible with Pokemon stadium 2. thank you if you have read this.

Lord Igniz

Thank you for this hack, Pokemon Crystal Version is my favorite game in the series (maybe of all time) and this hack seems to fix many of the nitpick issues I had with the game.

Quick question: Would I be able to still trade Pokemon from my real Gen II games to this ROM?


Quote from: Lord Igniz on April 11, 2019, 04:56:06 AM
Quick question: Would I be able to still trade Pokemon from my real Gen II games to this ROM?
IIRC you should be able to trade no problem, but link battling depends completely on the bugfixes applied.  Many move or item fixes will break compatibility on that end.

I don't think anything here breaks trading at all though.  I've been modifying the crystal disassembly from the ground up myself for a separate thing, along with applying all known bugfixes, and the only thing I've really done yet that does anything to trade has to do with the Time Capsule.