SNES graphics import-export & 16 color 4bpp indexed bmp

Started by DMCP2143, March 24, 2019, 08:16:11 PM

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Hi all, I'm pretty new to ROM hacking and these forums. I made a utility for converting from snes 4bpp planar composite images to bmp format indexed 16 color 4bpp.

I think this would be a nice pipeline tool for graphics editing to get away from yychr. This format is readable and saveable by most modern art programs like photoshop and gimp.

It's still in the early wip phase. It's a command line tool, needs input palette, input graphics, output bmp, hex address of palette, optional 5th command for modes. I want to limit these modes but support each one both in and out, I have 8x8 (the basic tile structure), 16x16 (a sprite), 128x32 (a strip like the 2kb files from zcompress), 128x64 (a strip like the 4kb files from lunar magic) and finally 128x128 (sheets with optional sheet number for large files)

sample command lines:
bmptest.exe zelda.zst GFX7B.bin GFX7B.bmp 0x07D8 0
bmptest.exe smw.zst GFX00.bin GFX00.bmp 0x0658 0

So please tell me what you think of this, as I clean up the code some before releasing the source. About that, it's all written by me from scratch in c++ no libraries. I use MinGW in Windows it should be cross platform. Any tips or advice will be much appreciated.