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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Yellow Rescue Team

Started by YeIIIow, April 02, 2019, 11:51:03 AM

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Hello! Welcome to the official discussion thread for the romhack: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Yellow Rescue Team.
This romhack of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team provides a fresh new take on existing dungeons by swapping around tilesets, music, and Pokemon placement, alongside a few quality-of-life changes.

Full list of changes

  • The tilesets, music, Pokemon placement, and (in some cases) dungeon generation has been re-arranged in all story dungeons.
  • Each starter Pokemon has been given a secondary ability.
  • Eevee's ability has been changed from Run Away to Cute Charm
  • Munchlax appears in dungeons and is recruitable
  • All non-legendary Friend Areas are available from Wigglytuff as soon as his shop is open.
  • Forced quicksaves before certain dungeons is removed.
  • All dungeons, with the exception of Joyous Tower, can be tackled with a full party of 4.
  • Pokemon from Tiny Woods can be recruited

What still needs to be done/possible changes

  • The game needs to be playtested and balanced.
Once the story dungeons have been balanced a beta will be released
  • The postgame dungeons need to be given the re-arrangement treatment and need to be playtested and balanced.
  • An alternate version of the hack with the difficulty of all dungeons increased is a possibility.
  • nerfing certain moves such as Agility and Smokescreen is being considered


Sky Tower                                        Silent Chasm

Tiny Woods                                      Eevee's new abilities


Nice hack and it's kinda rare that someone hack this game. Wonder why