Question about Torneko no Daibouken (Torneko\'s Great Adventure) for the snes

Started by travel27, March 24, 2019, 12:56:15 AM

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I got the box of happiness with relative ease.  But something about a mysterious box was mentioned.  Maybe it was bad luck, but on my next run down, I got all the way down to floor 88 without being able to find it.  Is it on floor 99 or is it random and I just had a lot of bad luck?  Hints?


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Nevermind, figured it out.  I had to talk to the king and respond "No" to his question, then "talk" to the happiness box to open it.  That triggered a 3rd, much harder dungeon.  Harder because you can not take anything from the vault and if you do, it does not appear in the item list.  Plus all of the herbs are unidentified, given random color names, all of the scrolls and staffs are given random animals names and you just have to find a safe place to test them out.  The monsters seem to hit harder, especially starting around floor 10 and defensive gear does not seem to protect as much.  Penalty for some of the negative items is a lot steeper (when you test them out), seems like there are more traps and enemies, seems like less healing items especially elixer, enemies starting around floor 15 seem to hit you a lot more with level down, str. down and HP down though a puppet ring exists to prevent against those 3, it is hard to find.  Since you go into each dungeon totally new it is really based on luck.  When I finally beat it it just so happened because I was lucky enough to find a metal babble sword early on, a dragon shield and a bunch of "uppers" kept appearing on the first 15 floors.  Plus I also got a puppet ring and a lot of bread scrolls which turn negative items into bread.  Some trips are not so lucky.  Found the mystery box on the 30th floor.

There is a ultima scroll on floor 99 of the second dungeon but once you talk to the king, say no and open the happy box not sure you can go back to that dungeon and get it.  Ultima scroll sells for 60,000.