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Captain Fetch Goes Go-Karting (SMK hack)

Started by TehRealSalt, March 23, 2019, 04:47:33 PM

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(Old thread title was "Super Mario Kart: Retread")

Work in progress Super Mario Kart hack I've been at for almost 2 weeks now. I mainly aim to replace all of the original game's track layouts and completely redraw all of their graphics (coming up with entirely new themes in the process). It's about 25% complete now, with Mushroom Cup & a battle course being finished. At the end I might be interested in making very minor gameplay tweaks, but we'll see.


Rally Stadium 1

Sizzle Wilds 1

Marble Swamp 1

Airship Fleet 1

Rally Stadium 2

Battle Course 1





Here's 3 new courses, all for Flower Cup. Featuring 2 new level themes, Cream Floats & Gear Tower

Cream Floats 1

Marble Swamp 2

Gear Tower 1


It's great to see the original Mario Kart get hacks like this. I only wish F-Zero got the same treatment.


It'd be a shame to change the title! I came here just to say how clever I thought it was.

Prince Valmont

Makes me wish someone could further polish that "Full-Screen Super Mario Kart" hack. These new tracks would look absolutely divine on a full-screen level.


This is looking like a fun SMK hack, the screens look really cool, too.  :laugh:


Recently picked this back up, it's now approximately 75% done; the first 3 cups are fully playable.

(full size)

Also starting to put my OCs in it to replace all of the characters, so I guess it's no longer Mario Kart.


Due to personal reasons (feeling extremely bad about Nintendo's handling of fan-made content, mostly), I've pretty much lost all motivation to work on this.

I got the first 3 cups of the game done, and 2 of the Battle courses. Might be a few other unfinished courses in there too.
Only 3 of the 8 characters were fully replaced, everyone else will have busted palettes.

The game was play-tested in every game mode with a friend over net-play. Item rebalance was modified to make 2P more fun and allow for more comebacks.

Maybe one day I'll revisit it because I had a lot of fun making it, but for now my energy is non-existent.

(Patch expects a headerless ROM -- I noticed bsnes complains about the patch, but it plays fine afterwards.)


I know that when it comes to fan games Nintendo can be outta control, and trust me I know how you feel. There was an ambitious Chrono Trigger hack that was 97% complete and Square/Enix threw a cease and desist on the fella, that broke my heart because I love ROM Hacking, not only that, I was so struck by it that it stopped me from working on my projects for three years, and I also took down all my hack videos from YouTube outta frustration.

Here's a YouTube video talking about Nintendo and fan works, it's a little over five minutes.

I gotta encourage you to finish your hack, I can tell by the screenshots that you're talented and it'd be a shame to let this project go. I hope that you reconsider finishing this, I'm sure that it would make alotta SMK fans happy to play a complete hack with original characters in it.  :thumbsup:


If it's any consolation, they're not known to go after ROM hacks. Nintendo doesn't like ROMs, at all, but they seem to understand that patch files like the ones hosted here are technically legal—else they would have gone after this site ages ago. The Pokémon Company did hit Pokémon Prism with a C&D, but legally they're a separate entity.