Castlevania The Bloody Crusade (SuperCastlevaniaIVHack)

Started by bogaabogaa, March 07, 2019, 06:09:44 PM

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Most screens without collusion data are editable with TMapEditor tool. A exception is the CastleMap. That one is a mode7 screen so the palette data is stored with the tiles. (PPU RAM uses a special format for mode7 tilemaping see wiki) In the ROM we will find a table to draw the tile map and it looks like as I show it in the picutre. That one is 160 byte per line. Once we know all the themes for the stages we will start to work on it. After inserting the tiles I will draw a plan so I know how to type the tilemap into the hex-editor.

I did not find any tool for it. After some research for a tool I did give up. I was thinking of "od -w2 -t x1 -v temp.txt | awk ' { print $2 }" on linux to delete every other 2 byte in a binary but for example TMapEditor does only support 40 instead of 80 blocks.. so I have no change to generate a tilemap file in the first place. I did look at some game-editors to smuggle Mode7 things into.. but it started to feel like waste of time.
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Nice,keep up the great work,I hope you guys manage to change the map & the Castle map later on. :)


We keep moving forward with the hack. We have already finished the name screen, here you have it:



bogaabogaa: Have you considered just a Crusade hud/font/knight player sprite replacement patch for the base game? I wanna beat dracula as a crusader!

Perhaps include the Super Castlevania IV - don't move fix in your big romhack?

"Holding any unused / unmapped action button (L,R,X,Y,A,B) will stop Belmont from moving around."

It's really something worth having. :beer:


The Crusader Sprite has some issues so far and it will go into rework. I can do a IPS for the crusader sprite as I did for the bloodletting sprite
blood letting here =>

The Crusader Sprite. It has a missing Castle intro sequence. The palettes at the Medusa fight and the ending screen is missing. Some resources will be created later and I don't think many people are interested in patches like this and it would be easy to do yourself.
Crusader here =>

I can add patches for HUD too if I decide to make clean sprite patches :)
But there are different goals first..

For the "not move for all buttons patch" you can just apply the ips to the ROM similar to the speed potion. It is free of choice. Not tested so far but I am sure it works fine on U!, J!, and expanded ROM.

My todo list right now

- The SC4 maker resource blog need to be cleaned up. Making sections for ever resource and some tutorial for it. Remove the Map.ods and make short text files with needed resources for every task.

- List of needed resources and things I can work on right now. I really hope to find people interested to hack CV games and also help the community grow. I am tempted to refresh my HTML knowledge and try to do some sort of resource page/word-press forum. Also I am worried I will fail horrible at it so I keep it on RHDN right now. I can move things if I get resources on order and the page working..

- A clean IPS patch library with sections since it will get large since there is no one who like to work on the editor anymore. A lot of things can be done with patches. There are also a lot of patches out there nobody knows about.
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Damn it's not everyday we get a CV 4 hack, and those screens look badass, can't wait to see more. :woot!:


This been the first break for me since I started helping with this project. I hope to show a lot of awesome updates till summer.

The mud man might get reworked as some kind of yeti ^^
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I made it to the boss, got my ass handed to me. :laugh:

I really dig what I played through, this'll be a bad ass CV4 hack when it's done, it's awesome. thumbsup:


Now that's a great hack effort from all i've seen so far.
Level Design, Graphic Edits, Custom enemies, ... polished and top notch!
My only complaint / suggestion really would be to embiggen the timer. I had serious issues to make it to the boss in time, and as you implemented several sideways which one is quite likely to explore i found this a serious matter.
but again, great effort and i can't wait to play the finished game.


Thanks, very kind. The timer is something we've talked about, I take note. We keep advancing little by little.


Hi, sorry for the "necropost" but... any news regarding this project? Although I was a lurker I remember finding of this romhack back at the time and enjoying the demo a lot, getting impressed with all what you people managed to do for the first (and only) playable stage. At some parts it almost feels like a somewhat open world, not as linear as a standard platform-only (non RPG elements) Castlevania used to be. In fact I see many elements that reminds a bit to SotN here. It'd be cool to see this hack somewhat completed someday.