Translations: Panorama Cotton Released In English

Started by RHDNBot, March 05, 2019, 03:19:12 AM

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Update By: Malias

After 10 plus years of on-and-off development, Panorama Cotton is finally here in English! From the attract screen to the multiple endings, everything's been lovingly translated.  Now, you too can finally understand the totally serious and epic story.

Panorama Cotton is a fun, colorful cute 'em up rail shooter where you control the witch Cotton and her fairy companion Silk in their quest to find and stop whoever is destroying all the Willows.  The game features branching multi-scrolling levels, big colorful enemies, and some impressive graphics tricks.  Let this translation be your excuse to pick up and play this neat little game.

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Ten years! The mark of a true fan! Thank you so much and congratulations! :woot!:


Congrats on the release! It's a pleasure playing through this gem again - definitely one of the best games of its type.


I WON'T allow myself to get past the 10 years' effort of some awesome guy to bring us a hidden gem.

Thanks a lot and congrats for the release!  :thumbsup:


Should've bought the game earlier, like when it was only $150 if you needed it complete with the collector's teacup with it.
Then it was up to $150 loose, and now probably more.

Way too much for me.
"My watch says 30 chickens" Google, 2018