Final Fight AE CPS2 Beta Starts February 1st!

Started by Grego, March 06, 2019, 12:19:39 AM

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Anubi 2

This would be a nice alternative color🤔

I answer to GamehackFan: don't worry, I imagined this a bit also because I first tried Turaco with another game and I almost went crazy😁😁😁

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Guys I opened a new topic for Hack Color FFAE, so I go ahead here ..


Final Fight AE CPS2 beta is now available to all early access patrons, for more information please check out our update:
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Anubi 2

Guys I have almost completed my Color Hack FFae, but .. I would like to publish it in "News Presentations" of this site, would anyone be able to help me? I can't understand how it's done ...


Hi guys,

I updated FFAEE and the new version brings the Haggar's dynamite scene bug fixed, Holly Wood / El Gado / Rolento immortal bug fixed, P1 not being able to select the same character selected by P2 in the middle of the game bug fixed, the possibility to add hack author nickname if it is not a randomizer, 2 easier levels for the randomizer, 1 specific level that allows you to costumize what you want to randomize and other things.

Anubi 2

Guys (Did I already say-posted?) If any of you want to do a Hack but have difficulty finding matching colors with the GameColorHelperTool, you can ask me too: I'll be happy to help you ... Hello !!


Well, recently I just found out a very weird bug I doubt anyone has ever seen, apparently that same Holly Wood, El Gado, Rolento immortal bug can also happen to Roxy/Poison and maybe even more enemies, only with test we might know. The whole bug happened recently and you need a very weird setup to make it happen, you need to suplex Roxy/Poison with Haggar when they are near death, so the suplex will result in a death blow, but then when Haggar smashes her head on the ground an Andore have to jump on your head at the same time, that will trigger the bug.

This new immortal bug behaves the same way the other immortal bug behaves and might even work against other enemies, I have no clue, you must die once to be able to grab the immortal enemy and then kill it with a throw/suplex/pile driver or it will keep being immortal forever.

I have no idea if Arcade Atavism want to check this out or they are interested about making more updates to FF, I am not going to fix this bug right now since I am not doing any hacking stuff, maybe in the future, who knows. I guess that is my Christmas gift >:D.


Well, I found that weird bug playing those weird randomizer flooded with enemies, so everything can happen there, but I replicated the same bug on the original version right now, to not leave any doubts about it being a real thing, check the video.

It also works against the fat guys, who knows how many more enemies can become immortal like that, very annoying stuff.