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Using default graphics for SMB3 hacks (NES)

Started by Sedai, March 02, 2019, 07:03:45 AM

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is there a way to use default SMB3 graphics for SMB3 ROM hacks? For example this hack ( ) is great but I would like to play it and some others with default colors and graphics.

In SMB3 Workshop you can choose View -> Use ROM graphics (uncheck it) but it won't change the ROM so when you load it in emulator it is unchanged.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


you could use yy-chr and copy&paste the original graphics to the rom hack, and use SMB3 workshop to edit back original palettes. Its gonna be slightly tedious and time consuming, so I'd just suggest playing better SMB3 hack instead  ::) .


Using SMB3 Workshop to edit graphics isn't a very good idea. I've ruined a ROM once doing that. This is because there's 4 frames of animation for many of the blocks used in the game, even if the block doesn't appear to change at all! (for example, the pipes in SMB3 use 4 alternating tiles for animation, even though all 4 of those frames are exactly the same.) And SMB3 Workshop has a hard time with that. What I did was edit my graphics in yy-chr, then copy+paste them into the places for the other 3 frames of animation, found just below it in the ROM. This way, its more effective, and you're at less risk of corrupting data. :thumbsup:


 In the past I found a problem similar to yours, and I solved it in the following way:

1. I took the original rom (not the hack) and made a copy.
2. Then I opened one of those roms with YY-CHR and inverted the colors of each of its graphics cards.*
3. When finished, look for each palette of the game and change the data by completely different values.
4. Finally, create a patch using the original game as if it were the "modified" version.**

  * By inverting the colors of each image you will get your perfect negative, so the program to create patches will store all the data of the graphics without exception.

** The result is a patch that contains all the original graphics and palettes of any game without complicating your life :thumbsup:
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