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Author Topic: Adding more characters to name input screen? Legend of Zelda  (Read 1831 times)


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Adding more characters to name input screen? Legend of Zelda
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:27:43 pm »
So I'm not making in crazy romhacks. My intention is mostly to translate so my priority lies mostly with that.
Tile editing is easy but that's not the problem.

What I want to do is add characters to The Legend of Zelda's filename input screen to be more akin to the JP version of the game (it has both the Latin alphabet AND katakana).

What kind of guide should I follow to learn how to do something like that? Or should I just translate the JP rom instead? If I do the latter I'm assuming it won't play well with the US rom.

EDIT: I've realized I can just do this with the US rom but I'm still not sure on a few things and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction so I could learn:

1. I want to be able to select the characters where the blank spaces normally are. In the pic I can't select 'Ꭱ', 'Ꭳ', or 'Ꭵ'. What should I do so the cursor doesn't skip over those normally blank spaces?

2. I selected 'Ꭰ' for the file name. What should I do so that the name will type in the character is selects. I realize 'A' is normally there so it's pulling the information that something else was there from somewhere else but I don't know from where.

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Re: Adding more characters to name input screen? Legend of Zelda
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2019, 07:57:29 pm »
A whole bunch of edits would need to be made that are probably easy but tedious if you know ASM.

1. The cursor spacing. You would need to update the code which is presumably moving the cursor 16 pixels each time it is moved, to move it only 8 pixels when moved horizontally.
You would also need to figure out the condition when the cursor stops moving horizontally. Is it after a certain number of characters wide, or when it hits a certain X position?
Each of those would need to be considered, and possibly more.

2. Selecting the right character for the space. There's probably a table somewhere like "ABCDEFG..." which indicates which character each slot represents.
If you're lucky it might be "A B C D E..." with the blank spaces represented, but if you're not, if may be only the usable characters. In which case you might have to move the table to a new spot in ROM, and hopefully you have enough room for it.
You would also need to modify some ASM code if the ABCDEFG case is true, to change the dimensions of each line.

But one step at a time. First is to probably find the X and Y coordinates in RAM before you can worry about finding the rest of the stuff.
Look up cheat searching and do a Cheat search for each time you move the cursor.
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