Is it possible that attached file has font symbols positions inside?

Started by Metafalica, September 14, 2019, 02:41:59 AM

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Hello. I trying to find font width table in Rogue Galaxy (PS2), but have some problems with it.
I found a small packed file that contains needed fonts TIMs and weird files named "fonttbl_name_EUR.bin", "fonttbl_normal_EUR.bin" and "fonttbl_system_EUR.bin" where "name", "normal" and "system" are related font names (there are 3). There is nothing more inside this package.

I opened "fonttbl_name_EUR.bin" in HEX editor and started studying it's structure, but it's something weird I must say. It contains 8-byte header and then always increasing byte pairs similar to alphabet symbols codes. The only thing I found in header is that last 4 bytes is amount of such 2-byte pairs. It doesn't seems to me is possible to specify symbol width and height just with always increasing pairs. But there is nothing else...

Maybe someone experienced saw similar things and can tell me if I look in right place?

There is a package with font PNGs and this weird "fontbl" files: