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Author Topic: Considering taking on a color restoration job for DKC2 and DKC3 GBA from SNES  (Read 1102 times)


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I'm still learning my way through alot of this, very new to it all but have had some success thus far on Mega Man Zero.

However where to start becomes the question.

I am likely making a bad assumption here, but I am going to assume the Pallette data from SNES and GBA will likely correlate if I can find them, and simply changing the values on the GBA should fix them... would I be correct in this?


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Looking at the description of the restoration patch for DKC, I would say you're very probably wrong.

This wasn’t the typical SNES to GBA palette restoration. This was hell. After Rare reduced all sprites and tilesets, none of the palettes matched so they had to be repaletted manually using Photoshop and a custom tool made exclusively for this.