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(solved) FFIII (NES) Monster Data

Started by 2dknights, February 16, 2019, 04:37:53 PM

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I'm looking for the monsters stats data from the FF3 NES rom. Iv'e researched the battle algorithms on gamefaqs

The guide mentions that the monsters have their own values for attack power and hit% (foregoing the calculation the party uses) but a table of monsters along with their data isn't present. I tried looking at the tables provided there but the only list general stats.

ive heard that FF3 & FF4 share many systems so i tried looking for monster data from that game but i falied there too.

I'm looking for all of the stats related to monsters including but not limited to the below
AGILITY (or how their turn order is calculated)

Also is it possible to find how the game dteremines how many of each monster is loaded into battle.

any and all hep would be appreciated



I was bored so I did a little bit of tracing to find the goblin HP.

Goblin HP is 2 bytes at offset 0x60011

If you look at this area of the ROM in a hex editor, it looks like a big table of enemy stats, with $10 bytes for each enemy.  I did not verify that, though.  Pretty much I stopped digging once I found the goblin HP.

I'll leave it to you to figure out the rest.

Tony H

Here is a link to a FF3j ROM guide I wrote a long time ago.  No detailed enemy info, but it does give the ROM range of enemy stats, and enemy HP info (which Disch already provided).  There is also info for a lot of other stuff in the game.
The Code Hut:

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@Tony H,

That document would be a nice addition to the RHDN's FFIII Documents section!


Maeson pointed me to the info here

Also thanks to Disch I had fun poking around inside the ROM. I ended up finding the exp and gil tables too